Thursday, 2 August 2007


I'm in an absolutely CRAZY mood today!!! So I'm just writing a few random crazy things I feel like. It's nice to be back to my old crazy self again!!!

My hair smells good today. So that wierd potion I brewed up does work after all! :) But it still doesn't lie flat. :(

I'm currently singing 'Hung up' by Madonna. And I'm nowhere near a Madonna fan! Hell, I don't even know the words. One of my friends got it into my head today.

I love wearing multicoloured mismatched earrings. Current ones: purple and green.


And I don't know why. Which makes it all the better.

I got wet in the rain today. Really wet. It was amazing.

My friend Shabba wants to write a book called 'Biology, Boyfriends and Black nailpolish', which is apparently based on a girl whoes character is the complete opposite of mine, except for the 'black nailpolish' part.

I want to write a book about a magic world called Ira which is discovered by four friends - the entrance to Ira is through a gap between two trees in their school yard.

I burnt potatoes in the bio lab today.

I stole hydrogen peroxide and tomato ketchup from Shabba today.

I started reading a book which has tips on murdering people. Really.

I confused dopplegangers with the Doppler effect, but Wikipedia saved me!

I discovered that I'm good at drawing lobsters. And lousy at drawing starfish.

Paramecium reproduction is like kissing. They get 'attatched at the oral groove'. Hehehe..

I hate Enrique Iglesias. So my friends think I'm mad. Enrique is UNHOT. He cries more than he sings. What kind of a person would sing 'I love to see you cry'?? YUCK!! How obnoxious and sadistic!! Keanu Reeves is cool and Tobey Maguire is cute. And I'm tired of Tom Cruise and Daniel Radcliffe. Cruise seems to be getting shorter and shorter by the day and Dan seems to be getting thinner and paler by the day.

I'm not as bad at chemistry as I thought. 8/75 is one of the highest in class.

Zomby has an E.V.E exam tomorrow and she hasn't bought the book yet, and I of all people spent half my time shouting at her to study. Whoa!

I cannot write poetry anymore!!! WIERD!

Well I better be off now! Bye!

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