Sunday, 23 August 2009


We couldn't have gotten a better freshers party. Really. And I NEVER imagined more than half the chemistry department were PRO DANCERS!

So freshers was fun. And I guess that after about 2 months, it really sunk in that I'm supposed to belong here. Somehow yesterday we were united by this sense of comradeship. It was inevitable I guess, but it was like magic. For the girls I guess fter going through the common ordeal of wearing a sari the whole day with frequent trips to the girls common room, it happens. And in general, the rest of the department made sure that all the ice was broken, not just with the seniors but within the class too. And the best part was that even though we were asked to do all kinds of things we cringed at the thought of, most of us were sporting enough to give it all our best and it was really a blast that way. We were all shocked into shedding our inhibitions about everything and for those who didnt, well too bad for them! I mean, its natural to be embarrassed but I think its worse if you crib and make a big fuss about it and spoil it for everyone. Its all for fun after all!

The performances were awesome and after our paper dancing contest was over, the second years gave the most brilliant demostration of how to paper dance! "Impossible is nothing!" :P. They found space to actually dance where none of us could even find space to keep our feet :P.

And in the end we all got to dance our heads off and I guess the way we were jumping around we'd forgotten we were wearing saris. Loud music, lasers, smoke, glitter and we forgot everything except the fact that we could move. The second and third years joined too. It was crazy and we loved every bit of it. It was sort of like being drunk, you dont know what you're doing and you dont remember much afterwards. It wouldn't be bad if we could have these sort of parties once in a while, because sometimes its important to forget reality[example: our midsem exams in 3 weeks :-( ] for a while and just let our hair down and have fun.
And it doesnt matter if you cant dance for nuts(like me) because no one really notices! :D

Sunday, 16 August 2009


Today I sat down with my dad to play the tabla after a very long time. He played, I listened. I learnt, I played. Rythm is fascinating. It has a way of creeping into your head till you're full of it. Theres no end to rythm. It doesnt take long to sink into the beats till the cycle of 16 surges through your nerves, your blood, your fingers in a frenzy with its striking but beautiful mathematical precision. You are oblivious to everything around. Rythm swirls around you like its all that ever existed.

Rythms and sounds are inspired by nature. Not just that, if you look around you, you will find rythms, patterns, cycles everyhere. I guess that's why they call mathematics the language of nature.

I think it would be nice to play more often.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


My friends gave me a surprise birthday party!!! I was just so extremely surprised and happy I couldn't stop hugging everyone. :). And it was the best engineered surprise too, I think. I didnt even have an inkling! It was absolutely wonderful. I'm lucky to have such an amazing group of friends! Rishav, Oin, Rohan, Neo, Adrija, Maddy, Pupu, Abhiroop. Thank you all soooo much!! :)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Everything on.

Today I went to this kid's fifth birthday party and I was brave enough to wear heeled sandals which I had abandoned as unwearable since I bought them last pujo but it truned out I survived without any major damage. I was able to walk, climb up and down stairs, and get on and off a bus without being injured. Hah. I envy people who can salsa wearing those high stilettoes with tiny surface area. They're geinuses.
The food was really awesome. The people there all seemed to know me.
It's extremely mysterious the way I seem to have become all famous suddenly. And its very embarrassing sometimes. On the second day of college I went down to the canteen and these two girls I had never seen in my life thumped me on the back and shouted my name so that everyone around stared and went all "HOW ARE YOU?!" and started talking to me as if they'd known me since I was two feet tall with two ponytails. I was too embarrased to ask them their names. I bump into them almost every day and after a month all I've managed to discover is that one of them is in either microbio or computer science. And the other one, no idea.
And then random people tell me I sang well and ask me if I'm coming to freshers so I guess they must be the seniors in our department.

I happen to be turning 18 in 2 days and for some reason I haven't made any plans yet and somehow I'm not all really excited. So I have no idea what I'm doing on my birthday. Other than hanging around at JU in the morning and then going to college(most probably). The thing is some of my friends wont be here on my birthday so I cant have a party. :-(

College is okay as usual and every lunch break I meet Krishno in the canteen and every day he asks me why I dont eat and I say I dont like the food and then he asks if I've made friends in my class and I say I have and he asks how come you're never with them and I say I cant find them. Lol. Deep mostly disappears these days. Earlier he would curse the canteen singaras and curse me for eating them("eesh eshob baaje khawar khash kano!!") and then eat mine and go away. :P

Classes are okay on an average(some are really good and some are really bad) and the lab is a madhouse and pretty much every alternate test involves a diazo coupling reaction so 80 of us have a riot trying to get our test tubes into one of the two ice water buckets after which we do the reaction which stubbornly refuses to occur in the test tubes so we end up with scarlet dye on our hands, feet, faces, hair and aprons. It looks like a 'who-can-get-more-red-dye-and-look-more-like-a-tribal-from-an-obscure-region-of-africa' contest. I also managed to set two test tubes and one fusion tube on fire in the second class. And someone dropped beta-naphthol on my foot and it became really orange.
Our first physics experiment was Newton's ring and we were taken into this impressive looking dark room with no light except from the slit of the sodium lamp we had for the experiment. Really cool place. We spent all our time cursing the rings using all the languages we knew and cracking the saddest jokes when we gave up all hope. Cracking PJs in a dark room is so much more fun. You can hear everyone laughing their insides out but you cant see them clearly, you can only see blurry outlines.

Its cool now the way everyone knows everyone else and so instead of many little groups of friends we now have this enormous group and its a lot of fun. The other day I ate the most enormous fried momos ever.

An now my mum is screaming at me to go to sleep but I dont want to so I'll try to finish Fountainhead I guess. :-)