Saturday, 22 December 2007

"Anti-social" :-(

So here I am once again writing all the utter crap that comez into my head.
I spent the evening walking around outside (zombie-walking az uzual) eating chocolate and then I finally decided to go home but there was this person on the second floor playing the drumz and I could here it from below so I just stood there for sometime listening to him/her play. Whoever it waz waz really doing a good job. Hell I don't even know my neighbourz. Thing iz I don't go out a lot. I'm the type of person who just avoidz people for no apparent reason. Anti-social I guess. I'm generally averse to the idea of meeting new people. I just try to avoid meeting people, talking to them. I guess I seem unfriendly that way. But then again as far az I know people don't exactly hate me or anything. I guess I'm just stupid about this. You know, staying away from people and all that. I used to be really really shy earlier but I realized I'm not that bad now. Though I still avoid people. Hell. I don't know how I'll survive if I keep trying to stay away from everything.
But then I'm pretty happy. I don't need to have a whole load of friendz. I don't need to be popular. I don't need to be a social figure going to parties and stuff everywhere. I don't need a boyfriend. I don't need to dress like a model to get noticed.
People will accept me for what I am and if they don't itz their problem.

I hate all the artificiality everywhere.
I'm realizing I've learnt a lot.....
Life iz full of maskz...everything iz hidden...everything. You never know what will happen. You will never really know what people are like. You will never know whom to trust. You will never really know the reason for everything that happens. You will never be able to hide thingz forever....

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

*To hell with titles!!!*

Aaaah! So I'm finally back. I'm so happy!!! :)

Going to school after a loooong time! :) 3 weekz!

Well I don't really have anything specific to write. Blah.

I got a new pair of glasses. Most people either think they're totally cool or totally hideous(and I think the former. OK, sorry, DUH. Why would I wear glasses I don't think are pretty?). But most of my friendz have gotten used to me giving them shockz(in terms of clothing and accessories and stuff), so for some of them the glasses weren't much of a surprise. For the record, its purple, white and lemon yellow. :D

I wonder why people still haven't gotten used to my mismatched earringz. They all wait eagerly for my earz every monday to see what colourz I'm wearing. Right now its red and purple but I'll take the purple off and put on yellow coz my glasses are already purple. Hah.

I'm tryin to get better at playing the sitar so that I can play onstage soon. :) I also think I should play the harmonica more, but the thing iz I cant find songz to play. And I don't have the gutz to attempt J.J.Milteau. He'z a genius with the mouthorgan. Year before last his trio played in Kolkata and it was really mind blowing. Really lovely out-of-the-way sort of instrument. You know, itz the type of thing you can take while you're travelling.....

I remember at Sundarbanz - We were sitting right at the front of the boat while it was floating through those tranquil was so beautiful. I mean everything was so peaceful and silent. And I was sitting there with water just a few inches below me, playing what I could on the harmonica. One song sounded really beautiful, and it sorta went in with the atmosphere too - "Shei je holudh pakhi". And then I tried some bangla folk songz, but they sound better sung. I played a bit of John Denver and I tried Bob Dylan. Yeah really nice. I'd like to play some more of it. Its a whole new avenue of music....its nice to explore. :)
I think I've written enough crap to be getting along with. Cheerio!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My Will.

I wrote this extremely sadistic post at 4:00 am last wednesday when the fever that had come at 3:00 had subsided after a dose of paracetamol(which smells like rotten or rather oxidized potato - i know what they smell like, we had to use them in a bio experiment). When I wrote this I was intending to post it the next day but it seemed like that parasite got hold of me pretty bad so I couldn't very well come online and anyway, later I decided not to post it coz people would get all upset or something but its my blog anyway and if you have something called a sense of humor you won't find it extremely alarming. :D

1. To Ishani I leave my math khata in memory of the crap we drew and all the days she never brought her computer khata(which was pretty common).
I also leave her my extra navy blue apron which she will wear to every chemistry practical class and if she doesn't I will haunt her every night with IRC'z voice. ;)

2. To Ahana I leave all my writing material so that she doesn't run out of thingz to chew in class.

3.To Maddy I leave my Maity Ganguly Vol.II hoping she becomes a great chemistry scholar.(And she needn't return Vol.I)

4. To Neo.....umm..I'll give him my bean stuffed mousy. :D

5. To Shubholina I leave my Maitree medal in memory of the timez she played the synth while I played the tabla. :P

6. To Arunima I give all my wierd jewellery and hope she develops enough courage to wear mismatched earrings.

7. I leave Trinity my blog cuz she likez it so much and would advise her to read the posts in chronological order. :)

NOTE: This is NOT to be taken seriously.


I will get a good pair of sunglasses so that I can look at things I want to and no-one will know. ;)
I will wear my purple sockz coz I love them and itz winter.
I will buy more hajmola candy to survive on.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


I hate rum balls. They look like chocolate but are baaad. Yuck. Way too sweet. Hahaha.
I love chocolate but not too much of it. Hahaha.
I love to write random crap like I'm doing now. Hahaha.
I love Carnival Of Rust. Hahaha. And if you don't you're stupid. Hahaha.
I hate viral fever. Haha. They make you take huge and terrible tablets. One is light pink and its huge and it smells like rotten potato and it always gets stuck in my throat. :( Haha. Ha. Hahahaha.
I hate tabletz in general - they all get stuck in my throat. Hahaha. :(
Haha. I love to hahaha. Hahaha. No I like to Haha better. Haha.
I will never have fuchka from that man near south gate - he puts gondho lebu(instead of the normal one) in the tetul jol. And he never makes the stuff spicy enough. And the other fuchka waala near my house puts too much salt. :( And the Gangurams ones are too expensive. X-(
Haha. Haha.
I'm very lazy haha. I hate excercise unless its swimming and you can't swim in winter. :(
But haha anyway.
I don't know why I haha. But I don't know the reason for many things Haha. So haha again. Haha.
I like smilye jungle. Hahaha.
I am mad. hahaha.
And if you haven't realized that till now you're even madder. :)