Friday, 6 August 2010

11pm coffee

Everything I do is totally messed up now - eating sleeping studying everything. Like most other days I got back at around 6, went straight off to sleep, woke up at 10 in a really irritated mood(that happens to me when I sleep and wake up at bad times). Plus my parents aren't home yet so I've got to manage things and my legs and cheek muscles are aching after today's practical class[approximately 4 hours of standing and sucking liquid up a glass tube with a big bulb in the middle where liquid just stubbornly refuses to rise no matter how hard you suck) so I barely feel like walking around or talking at all.

I'm not getting a teeny bit of studying done either with all the pre-freshers excitement and the general exhaustion at the end of the day(described above) which is really scaring me. Though my laziness and sleep craving is a big factor. I am one person who just cannot do without sleep. I cannot function at all if I'm sleep deprived and I don't think its cool to be sleep deprived because its not, I mean its stupid to think its cool. Though its absolutely necessary sometimes.

And I'm also scared of the fact that I'm not all that interested in chemistry anymore, it feels like I'm dragging myself through it. Maybe because of the summer project I did I got a taste of what I really really want to do and chemistry is kind of not in the picture that much, though of course its necessary. Oh and I didn't even post anything in my new blog. I just seem to have lost all the enthusiasm for going to college, I just have to drag myself there every day and it doesn't help that classes are getting really tough. I think all that first-year excitement has worn off. Badly.

Well I'm done with my coffee and lemon cream biscuits. And I'm going to get into trouble about not eating dinner again. :-(