Monday, 24 September 2007


That's what I do during chemistry classes.

What I do during physics classes.

Rain. It's been raining for like 3 days continuously and the place outside my house looks like a river. I thought this would be a nice scene to photo. I like the lights reflected in the water.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Her Last Sign

That dream long gone
That diary with yellowed pages
That little road with an archway of dark trees
That dark old corner, the grave of thoughts

That old tree
Haunted by her memories
The ever silent lake
The song of the wind
Only she can hear
Her bare footprints on the sand
Her only sign

The rain that dark afternoon
The wet cherry tree
The blurred window
Looking out to a dream world
Her fingers tracing his name
On the frosted windowpane.

That sunset one summer
The light of which never faded in her mind
Their linked shadows
Cast by the crimson sun
That silent kiss
It lingered still

That night by the lake
Ghostly moonlit shadows
That black rose
Still not withered
Her black hair swept by the storm
A single tear, frozen by the bitter wind
That song
Her last sign

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Complicated. Everything has to be so complicated.
Somtimes I wish I could live a nice normal uncomplicated life with nice, normal uncomplicated people and nice normal uncomplicated things happening.
But unfortunately, life isn't life normal and uncomplicated.
All the wierdest things ever happen to me.
And to my friends.
And I guess that's because we are wierd people.
And I like the wierdness but I'm aslo tired of it. Now.
I've learnt the truth of the saying that reality is sometimes more bizarre than the truth.
Things you read in stories and things you never imagine could happen suddenly seem to happen. To you.
I've learnt that it's impossible to label most relationships. Every relationship is a complex mixture of everything. And I guess we like it that way. Relationships without names are the most beautiful ones.
There is so much that hurts you, and you think you're over it, but deep down you realize that there are some things you can never be completely 'over'. Though you forget, there are times when old memories you thought you'd lost come back to haunt you.
And then sometimes you wish something never happened, but later you realize it was one of the best things that ever happened to you.
And then there are those little hidden details in the life of every person, that remain secrets forever...

Friday, 7 September 2007

More poetry

This is a poem written by my friend Arunima.

Though we are not together,
In my mind we are
Though I haven't seen you
You're always hidden inside me
Though you never showed your feelings
Still, I can feel them
Though there is no music in the bond now,
The strings are still alive
And whenever you wanted to say you're mine
I felt that you are a part of my soul
Thought there is silence now,
Still the silence has its own way of saying something
Which can only be heard by this heart in disguise
And thus in disguise, it longs for the return.....
Which perhaps will lead it nowhere
But still the hope says.....go on.

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Time a funny thing.
It's wierd how time seemed to pass so slowly when you want it to rush, and so fast when you want it to stop.
It's wierd how things that happened ages and ages ago come to your mind vivid and clear, just like yesterday, but incidents that happened just a few days ago get washed away from your mind, and cant seem to come back however hard you try.
They say time heals.
But there are wounds time can't erase.
Time passes by, and so do memories, feelings, hopes.
Time moves on. And so does life.