Saturday, 22 September 2007

Her Last Sign

That dream long gone
That diary with yellowed pages
That little road with an archway of dark trees
That dark old corner, the grave of thoughts

That old tree
Haunted by her memories
The ever silent lake
The song of the wind
Only she can hear
Her bare footprints on the sand
Her only sign

The rain that dark afternoon
The wet cherry tree
The blurred window
Looking out to a dream world
Her fingers tracing his name
On the frosted windowpane.

That sunset one summer
The light of which never faded in her mind
Their linked shadows
Cast by the crimson sun
That silent kiss
It lingered still

That night by the lake
Ghostly moonlit shadows
That black rose
Still not withered
Her black hair swept by the storm
A single tear, frozen by the bitter wind
That song
Her last sign

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