Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Complicated. Everything has to be so complicated.
Somtimes I wish I could live a nice normal uncomplicated life with nice, normal uncomplicated people and nice normal uncomplicated things happening.
But unfortunately, life isn't life normal and uncomplicated.
All the wierdest things ever happen to me.
And to my friends.
And I guess that's because we are wierd people.
And I like the wierdness but I'm aslo tired of it. Now.
I've learnt the truth of the saying that reality is sometimes more bizarre than the truth.
Things you read in stories and things you never imagine could happen suddenly seem to happen. To you.
I've learnt that it's impossible to label most relationships. Every relationship is a complex mixture of everything. And I guess we like it that way. Relationships without names are the most beautiful ones.
There is so much that hurts you, and you think you're over it, but deep down you realize that there are some things you can never be completely 'over'. Though you forget, there are times when old memories you thought you'd lost come back to haunt you.
And then sometimes you wish something never happened, but later you realize it was one of the best things that ever happened to you.
And then there are those little hidden details in the life of every person, that remain secrets forever...

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