Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pictures/arty things

Done on the cover packet of a brand new concave lens(which we broke) using Haimanti's awesome 8b pencil.

The heart.
We get 3 minutes to identify draw, label AND describe these.

Thanks a TON to Ishani for drawing this.(It's about the best diagram in my file).

Good old animal farm. Drawn by Ishani and me with contributions from Srijonee, Averee and Debosmita.

'Inversion'. By Ishani and me.

Hanle, 12000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas. Those are gamma ray detectors arranged in a hexagon with one in the centre.

Mars. :)

Monday, 15 September 2008


Whew because:
1. Physics exam is over.
2. I feel good. Beatles does wonders to your head. I love the beatles. <3<3
3. I'm not the only one who thinks ISC physics is reminiscent of ICSE geography.
[See I don't really hate physics that much, but day after day of never ending derivations of inductances and ray diagrams of telescopes and microscopes really twisted my cranial nerves].
5. :D *dances to Can't buy me love*
6. I'm going to start reading 'The Idle Thoughts Of an Idle fellow" by Jereome K Jerome.
7. I want to cook! One day, I'll make baked apples. And I want to make apple flavoured chocolate cake! And I'll make scrambled eggs and I'm still trying to come up with an innovative recipe for noodles. I really will. After the exams. And I'll give you great coffee too. I can make great coffee.[Without cockroach heads and lizard droppings, in case someone was wondering.]

Bon Nuit!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

i dont know

i'm sad. i don't like talking. i hate physics. i can't stand physics anymore. i'm fed up of physics. i hate electromagnetism. i don't get why people like physics. it's boring. really boring. i can't stand page after page of derivations of magnetic field strengths. i don't mind photoelectricity that much though. but i cannot study physics any more.

i'm tired. i don't know what i am. i don't know why i'm writing even. i haven't written in my diary for ages. i don't know why i don't write. i want to finish that diary off and then burn it. yes. burn it. because i don't want to ever see it again. i'll finish it and read it one last time, and then burn it. i'll burn all my diaries. i have around seven of them. but i don't know how i'll burn them.
damn i sound high.

just some time ago i was in a really happy and jumpy mood and i was listening to rhcp but now i feel all tired and sad and i don't want to listen to anything.
i spent half the evening thinking of writing a nice happy post about how i'm alone at home today and how i drank lots of coffee and how i made papad in the microwave.

i'm bored and i have nothing to do, so i was reading a lot of blogs and some of them were really nice. i wish i could write well. but i like my blog. i like it. i want to write a poem but i can't.
i hate school because we have exams and i hate exams. and i hate school anyway because the classes are all unbearable, except maybe bio. i don't like talking to people there. i just sit in that corner next to the window and read a book. i hate talking. really.

noise disgusts me. i feel sick when i hear too much pointless jabbering.
i don't like being at home because everything is so messed up and it's so un-peaceful. my brother's either screaming his head off for something, or listening to the radio full volume(he's destroyed the t.v, so it doesn't work anymore) and he refuses to listen to anything anyone says. and it's really a waste of energy screaming at him, so i just let him do as he pleases.
i don't care dammit. as long as he's not destroying any more of my birthday gifts or anything. but it really gets to my grandparents, so they spend the whole day repeatedly telling him to do this and that, and he doesn't listen so they keep telling him even more.
all the constant confusion in my house probably sounds hilarious to you, but i hate it. i hate it. on top of that, there's rarely anything edible in my house on weekdays. the maid really can't cook, so i just avoid eating as much as i can at home(except on weekends, when my mum cooks). and i hate the way everyone is after me to eat. why can't they just leave me alone? it gets on my nerves, someone coming into my room every ten minutes telling me to drink my milk, and i don't drink it. i hate milk. or someone coming in to keep telling me to have a bath. why?

and then my brother brings his mad friends into the house and they ransack the place. fine, they're kids. we used to do that when we were kids too. but what i cannot stand is the way they try to break everthing with that remote controlled car. but i guess it's unfair to complain because i too broke a lot of things when i was a kid. but somehow, kids these days are so violent and hot tempered and destructive.

my tabla has burst and i haven't had time to get it fixed yet, so i can't play it and neither can my dad. there are lots of songs i want to pick up on keyboard but i feel too lazy to play. my sitar sounds bad and i tried fixing it but it still makes choked noises so i don't feel like playing it. i tried but that damn string tore again and i've run out of strings and my teacher won't be coming till exmas end.

i dont want to go to sleep.

no moon today.

everyone's cribbing and complaining and talking loads of bloody crap i don't want to listen to, but i have to listen and then i just feel like telling them to shut the fuck up and just get lost, but i can't.
i hate being a nice girl. i hate always being polite. no, i like it. but it's frustrating laughing and being nice to someone when you want to curse them for all you're worth.
i just don't get along with people. i have friends, yes. good ones. i'm nice and people like me and so i have friends.
but in the end i realize they're i can't as close to them as i was. you get to know someone well, and you discover more flaws, more differences, and you accept that you cant think alike. they're either too grown up, too childish, too quiet, too talkative, too immature, too active, too laid back, too moody, too happy, etc. so i don't have any best friends i've had since i was really small(though that's probably because we kept shifting), and i don't know how other people do. they're lucky.
it's not their fault.

it's my fault that i'm so individualistic. i've unconsiously set my expectations from this world too high, because i'm over with the phase when i had to bring them down to ground level, so that it didn't hurt. and now nothing hurts me at all any more.

i've become strong and i don't like people expressing their weakness, becasue it disgusts me. i, unrightfully expect everyone to be like me. strong. and impassive as a result. and it's wrong and i know it. the fault lies not with the world, but with me and i know that.

i don't know.
i don't care. i don't want to. i never cared.
i should be studying physics but i don't think i can stand any more of that stuff.

Friday, 12 September 2008


The moon. It looks spooky tonight, like really spooky. There's nothing at all in the sky but dense dark clouds and in the middle there's the half moon casting its ghostly glow in a small radius around it. There are pearly white clouds floating occassionally across the moon, gliding like birds. These clouds are of various shapes. Just a few minutes ago I saw three bird-shaped ones, and then a unicorn and now there's a long, smoky snake-like creature. But it has these thin, longish wings at a far end towards its sides. Oh, and there's a little pterodactyl sort of thing gliding in from the other side.
And now there cloudy shapes are diverging into thin smoky strands, circling the moon, as though dancing around it.
And the moon is growing brighter and sharper, metamorphosing from the diffused form was in earlier.
I wish I could take a picture.
It's all so beautiful and mysterious.

The perfect night to fly away into the dark, with nothing to guide you but moonlight. You can see the whole dark world below you, and the surreal glow of the moon above you. You can dance up there with the clouds.
The perfect night to cast a spell. A powerful spell that could raise the world to the exalted palace of Utopia.
Or maybe a love spell.

Saturday, 6 September 2008


I got a bad stomach ache after this:

preeti: brb
kheye aschi
Neo: :O0
ki khabi?
preeti: tandoori chiken ache
Neo: ami mixed fried rice
preeti: bah
Sent at 10:52 PM on Saturday
preeti: ghkp
Neo: ?
preeti: hj7k
Neo: ki holo tor?
Sent at 11:00 PM on Saturday
preeti: I wiil go to watch a movie
Neo: :O
preeti: Can you go with me
Neo: sure
Sent at 11:05 PM on Saturday
preeti: Ok so tommorow we will go to watch a movie at after school.
Neo: onli one prob
itz a sunday
Sent at 11:08 PM on Saturday
preeti: I dont care for you please come.
Neo: hey
tui tuesday sg ashchish?
are u comin?..tuesday sg?
preeti: Isaid please come foolish
Neo: are you comin on tuesday to supriyo ghosh?


So that was what my evil brother was doing while I was gorging on tandoori chicken.

Anyway, about teacher's day.

It was the best teacher's day program we've ever had and I think the teachers loved it, especially after the not-so-pleasing-to-the-ear-and-eye performances the middle school put up the previous day. They were alright I guess, but they massacred Nothing else matters(why the hell did they even think of playing a Metallica song!?). But they did Carnival of Rust pretty well.
And then some kids came and danced to 'Pappu can't dance sala'(they weren't much better than the so-called Pappu, but it was better than having to listen to Hanna Montana-style Metallica).

The program the 12ths put up is definitely one they WILL remember. It was a quiz, organized by head girl. And it had lots of songs and dance in between, which were part of the questions. I sang coming back to life(which everyone really loved) and we played a few other songs. And Trisha And Akriti did all the dancing, and they really were brilliant, doing everything impromptu like that. And then there was a teachers vs students dumb charades and an antakshari, where the entire student body(AND some teachers!) sang "PAPPU CANT DANCE SALA" very loudly ;)

Most of the teachers were pretty shocked and I half expected Mrs.Principal to lecture us but she took it all pretty well! It was a LOT of fun. The best teacher's day till date!

And then we went to watch Rock on, which is a really great movie. Unbelievable, the way Bollywood has woken up. The music was great and so were the costumes. I loved the costumes! And the beautiful instrumentz[Damn I wish I had a keyboard like that. And a drumkit like that! :-(] And to top it all, Arjun Rampal. *DROOOOL*