Saturday, 6 September 2008


I got a bad stomach ache after this:

preeti: brb
kheye aschi
Neo: :O0
ki khabi?
preeti: tandoori chiken ache
Neo: ami mixed fried rice
preeti: bah
Sent at 10:52 PM on Saturday
preeti: ghkp
Neo: ?
preeti: hj7k
Neo: ki holo tor?
Sent at 11:00 PM on Saturday
preeti: I wiil go to watch a movie
Neo: :O
preeti: Can you go with me
Neo: sure
Sent at 11:05 PM on Saturday
preeti: Ok so tommorow we will go to watch a movie at after school.
Neo: onli one prob
itz a sunday
Sent at 11:08 PM on Saturday
preeti: I dont care for you please come.
Neo: hey
tui tuesday sg ashchish?
are u comin?..tuesday sg?
preeti: Isaid please come foolish
Neo: are you comin on tuesday to supriyo ghosh?


So that was what my evil brother was doing while I was gorging on tandoori chicken.

Anyway, about teacher's day.

It was the best teacher's day program we've ever had and I think the teachers loved it, especially after the not-so-pleasing-to-the-ear-and-eye performances the middle school put up the previous day. They were alright I guess, but they massacred Nothing else matters(why the hell did they even think of playing a Metallica song!?). But they did Carnival of Rust pretty well.
And then some kids came and danced to 'Pappu can't dance sala'(they weren't much better than the so-called Pappu, but it was better than having to listen to Hanna Montana-style Metallica).

The program the 12ths put up is definitely one they WILL remember. It was a quiz, organized by head girl. And it had lots of songs and dance in between, which were part of the questions. I sang coming back to life(which everyone really loved) and we played a few other songs. And Trisha And Akriti did all the dancing, and they really were brilliant, doing everything impromptu like that. And then there was a teachers vs students dumb charades and an antakshari, where the entire student body(AND some teachers!) sang "PAPPU CANT DANCE SALA" very loudly ;)

Most of the teachers were pretty shocked and I half expected Mrs.Principal to lecture us but she took it all pretty well! It was a LOT of fun. The best teacher's day till date!

And then we went to watch Rock on, which is a really great movie. Unbelievable, the way Bollywood has woken up. The music was great and so were the costumes. I loved the costumes! And the beautiful instrumentz[Damn I wish I had a keyboard like that. And a drumkit like that! :-(] And to top it all, Arjun Rampal. *DROOOOL*


zombey_-/\-_ said... post!! :P

anodr lost soul said...

criosly cool post...although i did kinda feel sad coz i cant have tandoori chickn here... :(
lolz...yeah n rock on's really gr8...!!! esp joe n his attityood...:)

The Goth Monk said...

i heard u are extra multi talented..i can play tabla,synth,shetar,synth n harmonica?? and u sing too..baaaaapreeeeee....multi multi talented :P