Sunday, 31 August 2008

There are these times I feel so pathetically listless and tired, I don't feel like doing anything at all. I feel dead. It worries me a lot. I get bored of everything very quickly. I don't like talking to people because I feel its too much of a waste of energy talking. Somehow, everyone around seems so stupid and immature. All they do is gossip about people they barely know, and about matters they have practically no idea of. You hear a wide variety of heavily distorted versions of the same story from a large number of people, each claiming to have been informed by 'reliable sources'. Yeah right. I know it's supposed to be fun and entertaining but I'm very tired of all of it. As a result, in school I completely stay out of all such conversations. I have become too impassive, too 'laid back', too unwilling to 'waste energy' by opening my mouth, talking, laughing at stupid jokes[Earlier, if there had been a laughing olympiad, I would've won the silver(Neo would have won the gold for his innumerable episodes of falling down on the road as a result of laughing too much, and resisting being dragged up by his friends until he was in grave danger of being run over by a car)], and erm...thinking of laughing makes me feel a lot lighter so I won't go on about this. :-) But I feel like I live on another world. Maybe I should go live on another planet or something.

I don't feel like drawing contorted brains, cockroaches and ears and eyes(not of the cockroach) and I don't feel like calculating minimum areas of oddly shaped tents, nor do I feel like memorising the contents of a gruesome potion made by three gruesome witches, so I might as well go to sleep.


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y dya hafta draw 'contortd' brains n cockroach ears in d first place...!!! :P