Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I really dont know whats gotten into me these days. I seem so listless and uninterested in practically everything. I've begun to actually HATE going to school and I don't like any of the classes. I hate english classes cause the pest of a teacher keeps making us write answers in class. Hell I don't even feel like staying awake in class. I never submit my work. I hate writing english answers in class. I just feel VERY lazy. I wasn't like this before. There were other people who weren't writing as well but she threatened us with dire warnings of deducting marks from our exams(trust me she really does that), and everyone bucked up and submitted whatever they wrote but I didn't bother. I got caught. I still didn't bother. I've really given up caring and it's somehow scaring me now.

And it's not only english. I don't think I even need to mention bangla, where I used to sleep in class anyway, but now I don't stay awake for even a SINGLE period in the week. I don't bother to listen at all in physics class. And I can't bear to stay awake even in chemistry. We have a new teacher who DRAGS her words and irritatingly stresses on the wrong syllables and after that, repeats EVERY SENTENCE twice. The only classs I can bear these days is bio.

Today we had to prepare slides of muscle tissue from the leg of a cockroach. It was an unpleasant experience, to say the least. I really do not wish to recall the entire process. We were given chloroformed cockroaches(fortunately, mine was properly chloroformed). Piyali screamed, Debosmita heard Piyali scream, looked at her own cockroach, screamed and dropped her watchglass. Dr.D screamed at them. Vasudha went into hysterics. Antara was shaking so much she almost dropped her cockroach on Chitrika. Srijonee on the other hand, calmly took her cockroach, poked it around a bit with the scalpel and ventured to cut off its leg without even wincing. I didn't much like the idea of having to cut legs off a cockroach, and I didn't feel muck like looking at the cockroaches, so I did everything in a hurry and I cut the wrong part of the leg and couldn't get any tissue and I couldn't see ANYTHING under the microscope so I had to do the whole thing again. :-(. Sahana, on the other hand not only cut cockroach legs, she actually dissected the ENTIRE COCKROACH and showed us its stomach and and its alimentary canal. We tried to find the heart but we couldn't.

I really hope we don't get this for an exam. Goat nerve is much easier. You get disgusting slimy white gooey tubular masses of spinal chord which you're supposed to 'slit open' and scrape out the grey matter from the inside using a scalpel and put it on a slide and tease it around nicely and stain it and squash it, etc. I didn't get to see much in my slide, so I spent the rest of the class making pretty patterns on filter paper with eosin. I ended up dropping lots of it on my skirt.

Anyway, I'm doing my bio project on viruses, which is a really cool topic, specially rabies which is a really cool disease. ;) I didn't want to do the old conventional stuff like AIDS and chickenpox and stuff.

I learnt a really pretty raag called Kalavati, which is actually a carnatic raag. Its good stretching excercise for the fingers because you have to jump from komal ga straight to pa. And it sounds very pretty too. It sounds like a pretty little girl dancing. :-)

Well, I better get going and finish my project. I've written quite a lot I guess.


anodr lost soul said...

wow yaar soooo v basicly hav a dozen JIGSAWs in d makin...
(in case ur eyebrows cm dwn n ur thnkn huevr dat is...its d central charactr o d SAW series...believe me u dun wanna kno...wateva u do 2 roaches...d guy dus wid us humans...)
r abt d sudn surge o laziness n totl disintrst...hapens wid evry1...skul's endn yaar...dats basicly it...r kichhudin suffer kore ne...:D

Riju said...

I can relate big time to this..except the bio part..i've comp n im asleep in it too..