Thursday, 9 September 2010

Falling into Infinity

Life is such a nightmare now. With exams and everything. And we're dealing with a lot of infinities everywhere(thats what it seems like now) and somehow I felt like the title I can't really explain why.
My plans for after exams. (I make a lot of these plans but forget all about them after exams and I end up just getting bored and wasting a lot of time):

Getting a haircut.
Shopping at New Market.
Trying new places to eat.
Reading Breaking Dawn.The whole series is crap honestly but I've watched Twilight and New Moon both of which are depressing movies but has 2 extremely hot guys so its worth watching an otherwise stupid movie just for the eye candy. Its actually funny once you get over the extreme mushiness that makes you cringe.(Makes me cringe atleast). But still I want to know what happens.
Okay go ahead, kill me, I know lots of my best friends reading this are dying to kill me. :P
But they can't even get infinitessimally close to Harry Potter. Yes I'm still a Harry Potter fan. Dying to watch Deathly Hallows.
Reading all the Agatha Christies I can get hold of which I haven't already read.
Watch lots of rom-coms/chick flicks. I love those.
Get new music!! Completely new music!
Write more. Try to atleast.
Go to the gym. Really. I will this time.
Cook. Not just desserts. ;-)