Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Little big things

There are some things you grow up learning but you don't realize you do.

In the process of growing up, for a long time you struggle with just not being enough. Not knowing enough, not being able to do enough, not quite catching up to other's expectations of you, and most importantly, not measuring up to your own expectations. 

Then what do you do? In a few years you realize that it's a never ending process. There is a lot that is out of your control. There are always going to be people smarter than you, prettier than you, more talented and accomplished than you. But there is one very important thing that is completely in your control - being a good person. And that is much much more important than anything else. It will make you feel better about yourself than anything else. 

It's not that nice people don't do bad things. But I think it's important to be the nicest person that you possibly can. It's one thing you can be good at if you try.

The best part is it's not very hard. It's one of the easiest things to do, actually. It never hurts to be nice. It's always safe. 

It doesn't mean you take everything that comes to you - you stand up for what's right and be honest. When in doubt, be nice. Because you never know, you might just make someone's day. There have been countless times in the recent past when a small act of kindness from a complete stranger made me feel better when I was having a horrible day and felt like there's no reason to exist. And I just want to put back some happiness in the world. Everyone should.  Because that's just what everyone needs. When you're having a bad day, every little thing begins to matter and sometimes someone being inadvertently rude or difficult can be the last straw and just send you into a breakdown. So, When you feel like everything in the world is going wrong, you need to be reminded that it's not all so bad after all. And I guess if you're nice, it will come back. And it will atleast reassure you that good people do exist. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Birthday lessons.

Another birthday gone. One year at Hopkins done. I feel like I'm back to square one. I need to begin again. 

True, every day can't be a good day, but my 24th birthday was just overwhelmingly "hello, welcome to being a real adult". Sometimes, everything that can mess up will.  And a lot of days are going to be really bad days but you have to find a way to get through them.

This is life. Get used to it. You're not a child anymore. You can't just cry and hope for something to make it better. 

No one will do things for you. You just have to take control of your life and do things for yourself. Go out and get what you want and screw what people think, because you have the right to do what will make you happy if no one else does. 

In the end you're on your own and the only person you're allowed to expect anything from is yourself. 

I realized the only way to do this is to just remind yourself of what you can do, what you have achieved and why you're great. Because every day, you're going to be reminded more than you need about what you're bad at. 

If all else fails just go to bed and sleep it off and hope tomorrow is a better day.