Sunday, 30 May 2010


Vacations started!
I've got the ingredients for pasta, I'm going to make some. And french fries too.
I'll be starting my undergrad associateship project from tomorrow. They work in structural genomics but I don't exactly know much about it so it should be interesting. I'm looking forward to going there and learning some cool stuff and maybe meeting some people.
And theres a music workshop coming up too, which I'll be attending. And probably more of them over the next two weeks.
And I'm going to read a lot of books, I'm thinking of re-reading the Harry Potter series, theres this familiarity about them I love, this good old world I can sink into. And also I've got The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho.
And I'll have to meet my friends too or they'll kill me.
So I'm pretty much too packed this summer!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Purple skies and lightning. Rain lashing on the windowpane forcefully but steadily, blurring out the world.
Turbulent wind whipping the trees.

Rain is irresistibly poetic.
Makes me feel like Porcupine Tree. Piano Lessons..

"I remember piano lessons
now everything seems clear
you waiting under streetlights for dreams to disappear"..

Friday, 21 May 2010

Candy splash! ~ Bright summery plans :)

What I will to do this summer:

Go to the gym. I have to, absolutely. 
 Work on my summer project at the biophysics division, SINP.
 Buy a decent pair of shoes.
 Play the sitar a lot.
 Get more coral pink, yellow and lime green things. Candy colours! :).
 As you can see from the picture I am obsessed with candy colours. They're so happy and bright!
 Actually shop at gariahat and new market. In a planned way and not buy absolutely useless things because they look nice. Which is what I usually end up doing. :P
 Cook! As much as I can since I won't get to do much of that when college starts.
 Go to the terrace every evening and stare at the sky changing colour.
 Maybe write a bit.
 Read a lot of books. Watch a lot of movies. Especially Julia Roberts ones :). 
 Play chess! Haven't done that in ages! 
Just go out a lot. Do some proper photoshoots. Studio style. Try to focus a bit on photographing people, I've done a lot of nature already. 

 Well, thats the general idea. :P
Somehow I always come up with the most fantastic of plans during the exams which I forget all about after them and I don't end up doing much. :P