Friday, 21 May 2010

Candy splash! ~ Bright summery plans :)

What I will to do this summer:

Go to the gym. I have to, absolutely. 
 Work on my summer project at the biophysics division, SINP.
 Buy a decent pair of shoes.
 Play the sitar a lot.
 Get more coral pink, yellow and lime green things. Candy colours! :).
 As you can see from the picture I am obsessed with candy colours. They're so happy and bright!
 Actually shop at gariahat and new market. In a planned way and not buy absolutely useless things because they look nice. Which is what I usually end up doing. :P
 Cook! As much as I can since I won't get to do much of that when college starts.
 Go to the terrace every evening and stare at the sky changing colour.
 Maybe write a bit.
 Read a lot of books. Watch a lot of movies. Especially Julia Roberts ones :). 
 Play chess! Haven't done that in ages! 
Just go out a lot. Do some proper photoshoots. Studio style. Try to focus a bit on photographing people, I've done a lot of nature already. 

 Well, thats the general idea. :P
Somehow I always come up with the most fantastic of plans during the exams which I forget all about after them and I don't end up doing much. :P


sayan said...

try to cook something better than tea and toast :P

Calypso said...

no no i will make nice food like aloo tikki and pasta and french fries and cookies! :D

Renegade said...

well.........i need more ideas to get thru my summer!! n ryte now, d best idea i'v had yet is to blow away a blimp all d way to mars!