Friday, 29 October 2010

Lemon meringue pie screwed up. Actually the meringue texture got screwed. But the pie crust I did well for the first time. Last time I made apple pie it was awful and uncooked. I'm tired. I spent about 4 hours messing up the kitchen and trying all kinds of innovative methods of mitigating cooking disasters. Which seem to have worked, mind you. I grated lemon peel for the first time in my life(I didn't know it could be used). I liked the tiny green shreds in the little bowl :).
I am so tired. Cold apple juice is so soothing :).

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Since I got back from my trip, I've been seized by these sudden cravings to cook something specific. Okay, food cravings are normal, but cooking cravings?(well I don't know what else to call them). 
Yesterday it was pancakes. I suddenly wanted with all my life, to make pancakes and eat them with maple syrup But maple syrup is hard to get here so I'd make do with honey. Or even better, make some sort of a sauce myself. So I spent the afternoon surfing sites for recipes. Thats something I really love doing. It gives me a high, figuring out how to cook something. And anyone who has had a strong craving for anything will get the feeling. It was driving me mad! I felt so empty and light headed and just dizzy and really sad and angry because I couldn't make them.  

And today it was baked potatoes. Again I spent a greater part of my day trying to find the best recipes and the best way to grill or bake potatoes. But alas, no potatoes. And circumstances in my house are barely suitable for cooking, since theres usually always something going on in the kitchen. And again I was being driven mad by this intense desire to cook. Took me a while to calm down. 

I've become so obsessed with food and cooking, maybe a little too obsessed. I spend most of my free time reading recipe books or surfing recipes on the internet or thinking of ways to improvise on things I can already cook. I even download wallpapers of pretty dishes! In fact my current phone wallpaper is apple cider(picture to the right). I think its such a beautiful art, how flavours, textures and tastes intertwine in subtle ways, how every step transforms what you are cooking into what you want to eat. I just wish I got more opportunities to cook. 

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Smells like pujo spirit :D

I'm so excited. And so is everyone else. And it absolutely sucks going to college and attending classes and I am absolutely frustrated with doing graphs I wish I had a graph assistant, like someone who would do my graphs for me. But just a few more days and then fun fun fun fun fun!!
I'm packed with plans every day I'm here and then I'm flying off to mumbai (I'm pretty sure I'll return from there looking like a football, in fact I almost resemble one now, irregular gym doesnt work). I'm looking forward to more shopping ( I always do!).
There's this feeling you get, you call it 'pujo is in the air' and the atmosphere is just buzzing with everyone's excitement and theres so much energy all around. Its going to be fun this year! And I'm looking forward to mumbai actually, I always have a great time there and I don't mind a change once.
The quiz is finally happening tomorrow and I don't have high hopes at all, I'm just hoping to go enjoy it. :)
I have a few more episodes of death note left to watch but I can't find time to watch them because of all the graphing I'm stuck with x-(.

Anyway happy pujo to everyone, I don't know when I'll end up posting again!