Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Smells like pujo spirit :D

I'm so excited. And so is everyone else. And it absolutely sucks going to college and attending classes and I am absolutely frustrated with doing graphs I wish I had a graph assistant, like someone who would do my graphs for me. But just a few more days and then fun fun fun fun fun!!
I'm packed with plans every day I'm here and then I'm flying off to mumbai (I'm pretty sure I'll return from there looking like a football, in fact I almost resemble one now, irregular gym doesnt work). I'm looking forward to more shopping ( I always do!).
There's this feeling you get, you call it 'pujo is in the air' and the atmosphere is just buzzing with everyone's excitement and theres so much energy all around. Its going to be fun this year! And I'm looking forward to mumbai actually, I always have a great time there and I don't mind a change once.
The quiz is finally happening tomorrow and I don't have high hopes at all, I'm just hoping to go enjoy it. :)
I have a few more episodes of death note left to watch but I can't find time to watch them because of all the graphing I'm stuck with x-(.

Anyway happy pujo to everyone, I don't know when I'll end up posting again!

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Geek said...

Happy pujo. :)

And have a great trip to Mumbai!!!