Monday, 14 May 2007


I haven't written for quite a while and that was mainly because I had pretty much abandoned this blog, thinking it was an absolute waste of time(yes, really) but now I'm back to writing.

This is a poem my brother and I co-wrote. The first few lines depict my idea of night, which I was trying to portray through the poem, but I really don't know about the rest of the poem.[:P]. I was quite happy with what I'd written, so I messaged it to my co-poet who took the liberty of continuing the poem. So that's how we ended up with this immense piece of thunderously impressive looking poetry. It looks like it has a lot of depth, but believe me, we DID NOT have any theme in mind when we wrote this(which will be evident if you take the trouble of reading it). In fact, it's quite meaningless. I agree some parts don't make any sense, and I'm sure most people would go on to say that the poem makes NO sense at all, but I love it, so I'm posting it here anyway.

(We haven't thought of a title yet).

The sanguine sunshine bathes the world
The fiery star of life slowly dies away
Taking with it the damp light of the day’s memories
Darkness has dawned
The mauve streaked sky turns an inky blue
Dissolving the noon’s dull blue of despair
The moon rises, towering over the world
Casting its ghostly shadow on the dead earth
Illuminating the path of the souls who awaken to the night
Those who, by day find solace within their shadows
And by darkness, arise to rediscover themselves…..

Like the turbulent streams of the mountains
In anxious search of their goal
So are we all, amidst this scorched fabric of life
Our minds are not made, haunted by thoughts unsaid
And yet be courageous, so are we told
How painful that be as tragedies unfold
The dark clouds are hanging low
I feel a most dangerous gale blow
And in my mind I hear an impatient call
So fiery and yet so serene
My consciousness rises in answers
As a violent sea unrest its cursed drops
I feel my thoughts wander, my focus squander
I can’t take it anymore, never felt like this before
I enjoy it and yet I fear I have to accept it –
The winds of change are here….

I watch the universe change around me-
Slipping away, out of reach
I feel a void forming in my soul, tearing me apart
Dampening the beat of my heart
Darkness floods my senses, I walk away unfeeling
Along the never ending path, swept by the pain of healing
Evanescent sparks of my bygone dreams
Pave a road through the groping shadows
Leading me past the world I belong to
Then stranding me forever…..

Thats all for now.