Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Flu and Floyd.

I have a cold and I'm trying hard to get rid of it because its very irritating to keep sniffing and feeling all swollen and puffy and sick and sad. I tried everything I could since yesterday -the homeopathic stuff, cough syrup(which helped), crocin(which is friggin really really useless) and 1 cup of coffee, 4 cups of tea and 1 cup of milk but I still feel all swollen and puffy and sick. We had a get together at Neoz again and at every get together we end up watching Pulse sooner or later so I watched Pulse for about the 4th time or something.
I bought chocolate for Tinku(his pet lizard) and it had completely liquefied. And then Neo taught me bluesy stuff on bass and I tried to play it and he played bluesy stuff on his acoustic guitar which didn't have a first string and then we got bored and started listening to Tool and got all high-ish and treated the poor guitar as a tabla. I SWEAR I'm going to try playing Tool on tabla, it'll be awesome.
And then Rishav was all sleepy and bored so we put on Zappa while he slept and we danced around(if I may use the term 'danced', it was more like two Neanderthals randomly kicking here and there and we always ended up kicking each other :D)him in the hope of waking him up with our horrendous dancing but we were unsuccessful unfortunately. :-
Sohom and Ayan joined us after lunch and we watched Pulse. again. :). But since I was feeling all puffy and swollen I went off to sleep :-.
I got home and had crocin and went to sleep again and woke up feeling sweatier and puffier and I just made tea but it was too strong but it wasnt bad so I drank it anyway and I felt temporarily less puffy.
Well I had a great day anyway. :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Summer blues

April is killing me. I don't feel like doing anything at all the whole day. In the afternoon I feel like I'm melting. This heat seems to have retarded all processes, my head doesn't seem to be working AT ALL these days, which isn't a good thing cuz I still have two exams left. :-(
I just dont do anything at all really, just sleep a lot and talk a bit. I don't even eat a lot. I feel way too lazy to move, let alone go swimming.
Neo came over today and his pet lizard Tinku seemed to be really missing him and was really hungry too so Tinku called Oin and cried and told her he was bored and hungry :(. And finally Oin sang to Tinku and put him to sleep.
I know, heat does weird things to the head. It makes you have the weirdest conversations.
My brother is really being a pest as usual. He's a violation to the laws of physics(more specifically, the second law of thermodynamics) because its a mystery where he gets so much energy from when everything around is evaporating or melting. I'm just wondering what to do about him when my friends come over on sunday. Really. This is why I rarely host parties at my house but I had to this time. I just really really hope some kind of a mircale happens. High hopes.
Oh but then miracles do happen.
A friend taught me how to make cold coffee, haven't tried it yet. Hope it works. Hope my mixie works. I'll try on sunday. I also want to make lemon ice tea.
Well I'm just feeling dead as usual. Haha.
I'll write more sensible stuff when I have more energy.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Flashes of colour

Green ponds
Trees line the way
Bursts of colour
A rainbow carpet of flowers
Hues interwoven, merging slowly
Purple lines, orange glow
The sky a magestic palette
Master strokes of the brush
Sky paint mixes into blueness
Stars peek in through the gaps in the trees
Saying hello
Ruins and lighted homes
Glittering skyscrapers
Cobbled streets leading somewhere
A maze, never failing to delight.
The walk
The silence that encloses us
Time runs..

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Damn. Glasses suck sometimes. They get in the way too much. x-(

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Hell man I have IITJEE tomorrow and I've given up trying cuz therez no way any of that math getz into my head, its such a nightmare. So there I go on a 8 hour long picnic. I'm listening Gosmack and I'm highly pissed with my mother cuz she wont let me go to a sleepover party at Anushka's place on the 19th and her reasons are really disgusting and illogical, which is even more pissing off("Why sleepover? Why cant you get together during the day like normal decent people? We never went to sleepovers in our lives!", etc.). Like big deal. I haven't yet told her I have an outing on monday, my plan was that I'd just come home after the exam tomorrow and tell her I'm going to south city with some of my friends(I'll have to make proper backup plans first which might be a bit of trouble) but if things look really bad I'll tell her I'm going to math tution and just get the hell out of the house and call her later and tell her I'm going to south city for lunch. Sheesh. Well actually if she doesnt let me go to the sleepover I'll have a good reason to throw a tantrum and get out of the house on monday.
I really hope I manage to get through to a bombay college. I'll get a more focused course and I really want to go live in a new place. Need to actually. My dad said he'll get me custom made tabla :-D. And a new synth too maybe! :-D

Friday, 3 April 2009


Turns in the road
on after the other
Journey never ends
Free as a bird I glide through the air
Smiles and Sunshine
Darnkess to light.
Once and for all
and again, free.
The Rainbow Gypsy.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Darkness creeps slowly into the mellow evening
Sharp shadows of noon blur to merge into a solace that embraces us
What was once 'forever' now seems nothing
Through the fading light I try to see
But outlines, no faces
Smiles, tears, nothing at all
Decayed dreams being lived through,
Not remembered
Tangled thoughts that once lingered somewhere deep down
Washed away, lost
But tides come and go
You never know when they'll be washed ashore again
like always.
Voices flow free, not a speck of the broken sheild remains
Ruins of the wall lie in oblivion
Darkness envelops us, closing in
Our protector
It cannot mask the strange joy.
How do you know, what do you know?
The feeling of not feeling what should be felt
Space and time run in haphazard directions
Meeting sometimes, cosmic accidents
What should, what could, what does
All a mixture of confused destiny
And the cycle I guess will never end.