Sunday, 25 November 2007


Its supposed to thanksgiving and thanksgiving is about thanking so here goes:

Thanks to my parents for more than I can say. Thanks to my mother for her accurate judgement of character. Thanks to my dad for making really good tomato soup and for teaching me how to use calculus in thermodynamics and for teaching me awesome tabla bols.

Thanks to my younger brother for coming under my musical influence.

Thanks to my bestest friend for being the best bestest friend in the world, for introducing me to death metal, for making stupid emoticons with me, for watching UFOs all night with me, for jabbering crap when on the phone when I was bored, for repeatedly saving me from getting run over by cars and motorcycles on the road [:P], for being nice enough to learn music notation from me and going as far as to say I was a good teacher, for being a good learner, for making me sing Hotel California innumerable times accompanied by his distuned guitar, for Nymphetamine and Nemo, for all the weird nicknames, for the page full of alien smileys at the back of GD’s khata, for constantly eating biriyani, for being a musician and helping me be one too, for being weird, for being telepathic, for reading my blog and for frequently behaving like a complete freakazoid, which I’ve gotten used to coz we’re friends n I’m thankful for that. :)

Thanks to Anushka for always sticking to our movie plans even when everyone else backs out, for being a great pianist and to her grandmother for making delicious biriyani.

Thanks to Arunima for her get-togethers, for making me realize I haven’t got two left feet, for her chat conversations and SMSes which I can’t understand ,her random smileys which are even more uncomprehensible, for listening to Nymphetamine because I told her to no matter how scary she found it. [:P]

Thanks to Sarojini for being as weird a dancer as I am and for solving people’s problems.

Thanks to Ishani for sitting next to me in class and asking very weird and random questions.

Thanks to Ruvlina for her camera phone to take pictures in class.

Thanks to the lab assistant for his horrific English which makes us laugh during practical classes – “You are making more than noise!”

Thanks to lipid and Sudan II solution for that pretty pink colour.

Thanks to lipgloss and eyeliner for making girls look nice. :)

Thanks to Shubholina for being the only enthusiastic J.A.M member apart from me.

Thanks to J.A.M badges for being so pretty.

Thanks to Sunayna for dancing around while singing taranas during practice for Maitree (and thanks to Rajashree for hitting her with her flute).

Thanks to Debadrita for always laughing like a maniac and having an eye out for good looking people and freaking them out. [:P]

Thanks to CCD Golpark for enduring our crap.

Thanks to Anumita for being so damn friendly.

Thanks to Thursdays for being so eventful. And thanks to that pepsi dokan walla outside GD’s.

Thanks to Picasa and Photoshop for making stupid pictures look brilliant.

Thanks to Evanescence and ‘My Immortal’ for being the only song to have ever made me cry. And thanks to Parikrama and ‘But It Rained’ coz I can play it nicely.

Thanks to Yahoo Messenger for its cute emoticons and for the long and endless chats about possibly everything – it’s sometimes easier to talk online than face to face. Thanks to Orkut for helping me find my old friends again and make new ones.

Thanks to Kolkata for being the City of joy and for the phuckas and junk food and the people and the whole new life I’ve found here.

Thanks to my music teacher and art teacher.

Thanks to poetry coz I can write it.

Thanks to friendship and love coz it’s one of the things I’m really living for.

Thanks for thanksgiving so that I can thank the things I’m thanking.

Thanks to Blogger for letting me waste my time and other people’s time by writing crap. :)

Friday, 23 November 2007


So here we go: day 3.

Because of all those riots and curfew and everything we didn't even know till morning whether we'd be continuing with the fest or not, but thankfully it was on and all the schools which were participating turned up as well, so Maitree was back in full swing.
Day 3 first event was UN Mock Parliment. It was pretty good. Xaviers were USA and they kept getting attacked by all the other countries and as is customary in UN Mock, there was pretty much a full-scale fight on stage which was actually entertaining. And the screen did some good work. St.James represented Israel and their delegates were named Sheikh Zeeshan and Sheikh Arsalan! (Its been ages since I last had biriyani - wuaaaaaaaaah!) :(

After that was the medley where the teams kept accusing each other of cheating and other than that there isn't much worth mentioning about that except that we came first and James came 2nd.

Mock video was pretty good. All were good except for BHS which sucked.

And then - Western music. The one event we'd all been waiting for.
It started with St.James and I think they played Last Kiss by Pearl Jam and Highway Star by Deep Purple. Xaviers were REALLY REALLY good - they did Creep by Radiohead, Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother and Fear fo the Dark by Iron Maiden and then there was a mind blowing guitar and keyboard solo. WHEW!
And then came our band. We played good ol Joker and the Thief ans School of Rock. We really rocked! Whew...I would've written a LOT more but I'm tired of writing now..

We all got chocolates in school today to celebrate the success of Maitree. And there's also a prom night at Venom(They call it batch bight but prom sounds way beter!) to mark teh end of Maitree. Too bad I couldn't go. :( I would have liked to. I guess I'll go next year. I'll hafta get hold of a guy by then :P.

Heh - I've written enough I think. Can't say how long before my next post. :P

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Maitree 2007!!

Maitree 2007 ended today and even though I'm really really sad it ended, I'm really really happy it was a great success despite all the riots and poilitical disturbances in the city. These two days have been probably the best days I have spent at MHS. It's something I'll never forget. It rocked, it really did. But now everythingz gonna go back to normal. :(

So the onstage events kicked off yesterday. First event was quiz and I think CGS won followed by LMG. Quiz wasn't too bad, but a lot of the questions were really obscure and stuff. So anyway.
Next event was eastern music. And I was in it.
We practised day and night for it. Seriously. WHEW! And it was a succes. Actually, I think we got the pointz coz we were doing something pretty unique. We did a medley of taranas based on three different raags - Behaag followed by Arhana followed by Kalavati. They went together perfectly well. And we had a group of 7 including Rajshree on the flute and me on the tabla and that was something very different - using a flute in classical music. It really was very good. We had little instrumental bridges between the raags which were played on the flute- basically they were for the transitions. Arhana really was good. I got to play some pretty cool stuff with it on the tabla. :) I mean we just went out there and gave it our best and had a great time. :)
But apparently the mics weren't too good and we sounded wierd coz of the sound system but WE CAME 2ND!!!! YIPPIEEEE!!! And all the judges were very happy with the flute and tabla ans stuff, so YIPPIEEEEEE again!! :)
Xaviers came 1st in eastern music and I think they really did deserve it coz they did pure classical with a tanpura and it was more or less flawless. As for the other participants, St.James and St.Lawrence, they got their guitars and drums and practically played metal out there for eastern music. James did Bheegi Bheegi and Lawrence did some bangla rock song originally by Lakkhichara. They played REALLY WELL, but I think it was pretty inappropriate playin rock when you were supposed to do Indian classical or atleast folk.
(Oh, but the bassist from St.Lawrence had a really sexy blue bass - dunno why everyone found it ugly.)

So there you go. Next event was (I think) ad-jingle. It was HILARIOUS. Basically each school was given a product to endorse and they had to make ads to endorse it. MHS's product was a broom and they used this girl's hair to sweep the floor. The best was St.Lawrence. They had to endorse a mosquito coil and there was this guy dressed in black who was the 'mosquito' and he kept buzzing and making wierd flapping movements. :P That was really funny. James had to endorse a safety pin and there was this guy with *ahem* extensive lateral dimensions who danced around on stage - it was pretty funny. And Xavierz had to endorse a shoe horn or something and they did a total Sholay spoof which was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. There was a guy dressed up as Basanti even! So basically the whole ad-jingle had us in splits.

Next came the dance. We came first in that and I forgot who came 2nd, but I think it must have been St.Lawrence. St.Lawrence was the first to perform and they danced brilliantly and got everyone in the audience on thier feet as well! I think that was the best. Our school did good fusion but I think Xaviers was the best. Their's was actually pretty random but they moved like, whoa! These people KNOW how to dance. I mean I really don't much fancy guys dancing but after watching Xaviers perform I've changed my mind completely(Though maybe that was because the lead dancer was extremely good-looking). ;) Oh, and best part was when they just jumped off stage and got up on the chairs on the first row and started doing the bhangra. (Looks like Jumping off stage is a trademark thing for Xaviers - they did that for western music as well).

So anyway, that was the end of day one. More about Maitree coming up in my next post. As of now I'm starving and I must go eat.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

[Oh damn I can't think of a title!!]

I'm actually feeling marginally happier today. :)

After a long time I finally got an opportunity to cook breakfast! So I took out my old yellow apron with carrots which were supposed to be embroidered on it(but I hadn't embroidered them and had ended up gettin a D in SUPW as usual) and it tastes pretty good! I think I should cook more often. :)

And then I ACTUALLY studied physics. It's not that bad actually after you get over the initial phobia of getting those fat books out and opening them. Though of course, thermodynamics is MUCH easier than mechanics and stuff and is less scarier. You just need to know a bit of integration. Well, I dunno, SUCCESSFULLY doing problems involving calculus makes me feel all cool and grown up and stuff! :P

I managed to invent enough chords for "But It Rained" to satisfy me and I managed to play and sing My Immortal PERFECTLY yesterday!

As of now, I'm gonna go and read 'The Seven Dials Mystery' by Agatha Christie.

Friday, 9 November 2007


It's always such a headache thinking of titles to posts.
I don't know why I'm so down demented. I shouldn't be sad. Why should I be sad?
It's Diwali. Life is supposed to be filled up with light.
Dunno, but for me it bloody well isn't.

I don't get why the hell I'm writing here. Its just that I haven't been this depressed in ages...And I don't really know why I am. It's so fuckin frustrating...
I mean I was actually able to write a poem.

Maybe its because no one will go to watch Bhool Bhulaiyya with me so I can't go. but I never really cared much about movies.
Maybe its because I have a math test the day school reopened. But it can't be coz I don't care about tests anymore.
Maybe its because ALLl my friends are acting wierd...Maybe its because of something I've don...I dunno what. I hate it like this.
Maybe its because my brother is playin excessively happy tunes on my synth.
I bloody hate my life.

I'm tired of playing My Immortal over and over again till it makes me so sad I could cry.
I'm tired of singing But It Rained over and over again in the bathroom and going to the bathroom just to do that. And I'm tired of trying to invent chords for it coz I'm tired of using the conventional ones.
I'm tired of wishing everyone a Happy Diwali coz I'm not happy at all.
I'm tired of all the firecrackers and the smoke and all of it coz I don't feel the light anywhere.
I'm tired of pretending to have a great time partying with people I barely know.
I'm tired of not knowing why I'm sad.
I'm tired of people cold shouldering me god knows why and I'm not the type to hang around where I'm not wanted or forcing people to talk when they don't want to.
I' m tired of having to solve everyone's problems.
I'm tired of being treated like a storehouse of everyone's secrets. I don't know why people just come and tell me the things they do.
I'm tired of people with their artificial lives all wrecked up coming and asking me to fix it for them.
I'm tired of being bad at physics.
I'm tired of walking around alone all the time. I won't be doing that for some time coz I guess it dements me...

I'm tired of it all....

Once Again

Once again I walked alone
Down that empty road drowned in darkness
But even the trees didn't whisper this time

That creepy black cat was still there
Staring at me with its green eyes
Searching me
Not that it could

I walked alone still
Through the dark road, like a zombie
I don't know why I went there again

That damn road
That graveyard of memories
Once again I remembered things I thought I never would
And once I again I wondered why I was there, remembering
For a moment, once again, I wished I hadn't walked there
But once again, I loved the feeling of drowning in my mind.

Once again I looked at the sky
Again I felt all alone in this endless world
But once again, I thought of you
And once again, I wished you were there, walking by my side....