Friday, 9 November 2007

Once Again

Once again I walked alone
Down that empty road drowned in darkness
But even the trees didn't whisper this time

That creepy black cat was still there
Staring at me with its green eyes
Searching me
Not that it could

I walked alone still
Through the dark road, like a zombie
I don't know why I went there again

That damn road
That graveyard of memories
Once again I remembered things I thought I never would
And once I again I wondered why I was there, remembering
For a moment, once again, I wished I hadn't walked there
But once again, I loved the feeling of drowning in my mind.

Once again I looked at the sky
Again I felt all alone in this endless world
But once again, I thought of you
And once again, I wished you were there, walking by my side....


zombey_-/\-_ said...

wow!!...amazin poem ya :P

Renegade said...

its an amazingly reaching out poem....i can hugely connekt to dis kinda feeling myself