Tuesday, 30 October 2007


A UFO sighting. Here. In India. In Kolkata.

It was a usual boring old evening. Actually more boring than usual. VERY VERY boring evening. Like the type of evenings you don't feel like doing anything at all, but wish you could do something. Well anyway, I suddenly got a phone call from the master of bhatt-bokofying, Neo. And he said something about a UFO sighting and I thought he had started with his usual crap. But I turned on the TV and there it was - A live video of the UFO sighting on Star Ananda. Turned out he was right.

It was a bright green glowing fireball in the eastern sky which kept changing colour and shape - it turned blue and red and then green again. AND it was disc-shaped, but turned into a triangle and then into a straight line.
They had this scientist guy on the show who discussed theories about what it could really be. He talked about a theory that accounted for its shape changing.

Imagine a slightly flattened cone. If you look at it from the botton[The cross section I mean], it looks like a disc.
If you look at it upright it looks like a triangle.
If you tilt it to the flattened part, it'll look like a line.

Well, anyway, I decided to investigate myself. So armed with the mini-telescope my dad bought me when I was five years old, I went into the field[pity our terrace isn't open].

And I didn't need to look. There it was, glowing VIVID green with rapid flashes of blue and yellow red. It was bigger than any of the stars and was glowing EXTREMELY bright. This had to be what they were talking about. And sure enough, it was hovering in the eastern sky. Thrilled by my findings, I ran home and reported my findings to my friends. Neo ran off to the terrace(with binoculars and laptop and guitar and pillows in tow) to investigate too. And the rest of them just didn't believe me. Naturally.

I went down again....It seemed to have moved pretty far up in the last 10 minutes. Then I began to witness some of the wierdest phenomena I've ever seen.
The object began to move FAST, in an irregular manner. Kinda like a pendulum. More zig-zag actually. I've never seen anything in the sky move like that.
And Neo said the same thing so I couldn't have been imagining it. I mean you'd have to be pretty thick to imagine stuff like that.

The next half an hour or so went in frenzied phone calls reporting our latest observations. Neo claimed he could clearly see it with his binoculars changing shape - the saucer, the triangle and then the vertical line. High time I got my telescope.

I wasn't allowed to go out, but fortunately I got a pretty good view from a bedroom window. I climbed out onto the windowsill practically hanging on for life [:P] - One look down and I would've fallen three floors down! I managed to focus the telescope.
And there it was, a perfect saucer. I guess people won't believe me but if that wasn't a flying saucer, Einstein was a dumbass.

I clearly saw a saucer - it was glowing yellow in the middle, surrounded by blue and green...
Neo called to say he'd seen it too. A flying saucer...a real flying sacuer. And it was moving fast. Again in that wierd zig-zag way. It was around 1:00 am. The object moved so much that I couldn't see it from that window anymore, but I could now see it from the living room window. It seemed to be retreating. It moved higher and higher, but it was still as bright as it was before.

Now my neck was aching from looking up so long in wierd positions and the mosquitos were feasting on me so I decided to go to bed and wake up at 4 and have a look.
So after the last phone report I went to bed, while Neo stayed on his terrace playing the guitar. :P

Some adventure.

UNFORTUNALTEY I couldn't wake up at four, but this is what Neo saw:
A clearly defined saucer, much closer than it was before. It was changing colour rapidly, and was moving vertically upward. Northwest, actually. And then it melted into the light....

Some of our inferences:

1. It was DEFINITELY not a star. I've observed stars before and they DO NOT change colour and shape, are not saucer shaped and don't move that rapidly in wierd paths.

2. It was probably not an asteroid because it was way too close. When I saw it for the first time, the sky was pretty cloudy and other stuff in the sky could barely be seen, but the UFO was glowing bright as hell. We know that clouds lie in the troposphere. Planes fly in the stratosphere, above the troposphere to avoid clouds. But even with a cloudy sky, this could be seen. Which means the object was below cloud level...meaning that it was close as hell....

3. It was definitely not a comet or a meteor coz they move across the sky and not just sit around for hours and hours.

Our guess is that it's still in the sky, but we can't see it because of the sun. Going up was pretty intelligent on its part coz if it was hanging low in the horizon the same way it was at night then even in the sunlight it would have been clearly visible, like a bird, so it would be easier to spot and study as it would be the only thing visible in the sky. So we guess if it really was a maneuvered machine, human or alien, it purposely rose higher to avoid detection.

Probably it was rising only vertically and not horizontally and the apparent westward movement could have been because of the earth's rotation from west to east. And this seems to be a pretty plausible explanation because we saw that in spite of its erratic movement, the UFO seemed to be moving westward regularly, which was probably because of the earth's rotation.

So what was it really....?

Here are some theories.
We call it the Piggy-Mousy theory... :P

First of all, this saucer would have needed enough fuel to stay airborne for hours and hours and hours, AND emit light, changing colour rapidly. We clearly saw it changing shape, and if we assume that the shape-shifting theory as suggested by the scientist on Star Ananda is true, it will also need to flip and turn RAPIDLY in mid air.
Also, even from where we were watching it, it seemed to be moving pretty fast.
In the morning, it was moving upwards rapidly, as if it was being cleverly maneuvered away upwards, as if to escape notice in the daylight.
The object was evidently moving against gravity, as if powered by a force to neutralize the effect of gravity.
I don't think it would be possible to build such a thing with all known human technology.

This was the first UFO sighting in India. It made headlines. So you'd expect the concerned authorities would investigate, right? Even the air traffic control detected it. Even for the sake of violating air traffic laws it should have been investigated, right? I mean you'd think they'd atleast keep a radar watch on the night sky!
So why are they pretending nothing happened?
The reasons could be:
1. They don't know. Which is evidently not true because BITM and Star Ananda know.
2. They don't care. And that doesn't make any sense at all - everyone is so excited about it. For the SETI it would be like a dream come true, coz they spend all their lives searching for evidence more trivial than this.
3. They know what it is but they don't want the public to know for fear of national panic.

Could this possibly be a repition of the Roswell Incident?

Maybe there really could be aliens out there...watching....
Will we ever find out?

Anyway, it was quite an adventure...from hanging from the windowsill with a telescope to phone calls till 3:00 am and discussing theories non-stop....After all, you don't get to see UFOz every day!!


mεphîsτσphεlεs said...

Sorry Preetz...tokeh contradict korteh badhho hochhi.....brain takeh ektu stress diye bojh...dat wazn't an UFO...yesterday, there were a lot of dry blow of winds...which caused alterations in the density of the various layers of the atmosphere...this caused us to misinterpret Venus as an UFO...due to constant change in densities, the refractive index of atmosphere kept changing...so there was a change in the structure of that so called "UFO"...n' the changes in color and the movement of the saucer was also because of the same hell reason...so there's no need to get the hell out for watching an "UFO"...cuz it was well-identified...what we should be aware of are the strong blow of dry winds...which are unusual...beats our eye-sight...seems that we can even see it through the clouds...but it's just another game of Physics...Optics...Refraction, to be definite...but next thing up is...How did such unusual dry winds occur...that too in the higher layers of the atmosphere??? I believe it's just an indirect effect of Global Warming...though I won't be that sure...but if it is so, we'll be watching a lot more of those "UFO"s in the future...probably next time it would be Mars or Mercury..."changing shape, color, and roving through space in an extraordinary speed...contradicting all laws of Science..."

Nymphy said...

@ Arka

Dammit Star Ananda was WRONG!! I heard what they said!! Its fine about all that reflection and stuff, explanation accepted, but the position of venus nowhere near matches with what we saw.