Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Fashion. Wierd thing it is. Some make sense, some don't.
You see people all over the place trying to be 'fashionable' by wearing clothes they call 'fashionable', but end up looking downright hideous! You need to know what suits you. And you need ORIGINALITY.

Here are some of the fashion phases we've been through (and still are going through)..

1. Skirts:
You have all kinds of them : short ones, long ones, flared ones, straight cuts, blah blah.
They actually look good provided you know what type to wear. I quite liked those gypsy skirts(I think that's what they were called) - the flared type, but they were rather too long and flouncy for me to handle so I didn't end up wearing much of them. So there I have around 6 or 7 long flared skirts lying in my wardrobe for a couple of centuries. :P
The denim skirts were good. The short pleated ones are a favourite.

2. Jeans:
OK, they're actually too boring to write about.

3. Cargoes:
Yeah! More my type! They're baggy and have plenty of pockets, and are extremely comfortable. They're punk. Though you can make them look feminine with a nice lacey pink or white top or something. Not a bad combination. I believe in unconventional clothes. :P

4. Dresses: They're supposedly really 'in' now. Designers claim that a dress will suit every body, but I don't really think so.....But it is true that you have a wide variety of them. There was this girl that day who wore a black dress with white polka dots, but her figure didn't go at all well with it and she ended up looking like some enormous blob of black matter. :P
So I mean, you may think something might look really pretty on you but as I said, you may end up looking disgusting.

I don't have much time left right now as I have to rush off to a jam session, but I'll finish off with a particular cutting I've rather taken to. It's the empire line. I hated them until an aunt gifted me one and I ended up looking quite nice. Best thing about empire lines are that they make you look thinner(umm...well, actually I'm not sure) and they give you curves in the right places and make you NOT look like a *straight line* and give you some proper dimensions. :P
And if you already have *proper dimensions* , all the better! Sexy things!

I would have written a lot more about unconventional fashion, but I have to rush off, so I'll leave that for another post.

Asta Lavista!!


mεphîsτσphεlεs said...

When it comes to fashion, I'm into brands...mostly the expensive stuff...cuz quality is all that matters for me...Till now, the most expensive dress I have, is a Yves Saint Laurent T-shirt of silk, from Italy....it's black in color and has yellow stripes...I don't think mentioning the price is a good idea...then..I have an original Nike Jersey belonging to Man.Utd. of the season 2004...also of silk...then comes my Pringle Tee, cotton, from Scotland, deeper shade of yellow...next up...a Versace black round-necked tee....cool lookin'...not to forget my Sky blue and Deep blue striped Monte Carlo t-shirt, ..mix of jeans and cotton....there's also a Koutons Dept. tee..."Death Squad" series...round-necked...cotton...gray...next...fusion of black, green, and blue shirt...by Nino Mantelli...cotton...next...Red n' Yellow...cotton...t-shirt...Parx...next...Red, Sky blue, Yellow, Light green...cotton...shirt...Parx...(I can't remember the rest right now..;)...)so I'll go to my trousers....'kay...first and foremost..JEANS...JEANS...and more JEANS...Wrangler, Lee, Adidas jeans are my types...Well...the Wrangler n' Lee are blue...One of the Adidas jeans is black, and the other, gray....n' then comes a silk...Raymond.....now let's come to Blazers...one of Raymond, and the other of Armani...that's all...

Nymphy said...

erm... *yawn*