Monday, 22 October 2007

Durga puja!!

So Durga Puja is over. Too bad I fell sick. I would've liked to go pandal hopping, but I enjoyed it all the same.
The puja in our complex was pretty good. On saptami our band played and they did play pretty well. But they did the same old typical songs - Yellow and Black Velvet and stuff, but it was still pretty good. They had a guest bassist who was excellent [totally sexy guitar he had - it was light purple!! :) ] and they ended with 'Another brick in the wall' and we all sang along.
And the keyboardist was excellent.

One of the things I like best about Durga Puja is the way not only bengalis, but people from all different communities come together to celebrate. Shows how cosmopolitan Calcutta is becoming.

And Bijoya Dashami. You get this empty feeling when you realize the Pujas are finally over - AND you have to get back to work.

So we danced like crazy to the beats of the dhak and the tempo kept increasing. And all of us girls got together in a cricle and danced around and suddenly all the boys came running like a herd of bulls and they got into our circle and started doing some sort of a wierd one-legged dance and after they'd gotten tired of hopping around on one leg they got into our circle and started dancing around with us. And the steps got wilder and wilder and wierder and wierder and in the end I guess we were doing some sort of a bhangra mixed with tap dancing mixed with kathakali and dandiya and Assamese tribal dance...WHEW! Some scene...but we rocked it anyway!! :D
I haven't danced like that in ages!!

And Shubho Bijoya to everyone and hope all of you, like me are subjected to the torture of being force fed rosogollaz (and other torturous sweets) wherever you go.


mεphîsτσphεlεs said...

Aaschhey bochhor aabar hobeh....(Let's have it again, the next year)....that's all I can think of uttering right now...that's one time I can wine, "I don't wanna study.."...and it'd come to effect...such grace of the Warrior Princess, Durga...
But I was thinking....what if....we look through the glass of time...and look at the future of Durga pujo??? Probably a moving burnt-metal Durga with a AI-chip plugged into it's head...It would carry with it an arsenal of weapons...including a bazooka, a blood diffuser gun, a plasma-enforcer, a gig-laser driller, a light-saber, a 24x zoom rifle with bullets of explosive Caesium, a cell-defragmentor, and probably a cup of coffee...(after all that stress, coffee suits best to energize)....and the most important weapon....a broken bottle of blow on the head of Mahisasura, and he's dead! See you in 2107....if I exist...

mεphîsτσphεlεs said...

Well...I just forgot to mention the most most most most important weapon of Maa Durga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing can challenge the power of that ghastly guessed it right....beware....protect''s...the NOKIA BL-5C battery!!!!!!