Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Morning rain, the wet sky glows a bright gauzy white. Trees with leaves in all different shades of green sway, birds fly around. I sit in my chair by the window listening to the rumbling thunder while muching away on mayonise-and-tomato sandwhiches. Rain makes me feel all glowy inside, not a bright glowy, a soft mellow sort of glowy. It makes me feel poetic and filled with slow, beautiful but undefined thoughts. Not thoughts, feelings rather. Curling up with a Poirot novel, licking chocolate off my fingers with intermittent flashes of lightning behind the clouds gives me a strangely peaceful and contented feeling.
I listened to some old Westlife albums lying forgotten in my computer. They're beautiful. :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009


I don't know why I feel all dead and claustrophobic the day before an exam whether I give a damn about the exaqm or not(in most cases I don't). Maybe it's because I slept a lot today. I started re-reading the Harry Potter series(!!) and I'm halfway through Chamber Of Secrets and as always they get me hooked. I've had Scar Tissue by RHCP running in my head all day for some reason and I'm listening to it for the 8th time in a row. t's infectious somehow. It's giving me a weird feeling. The mellowish saddish haunting guitar line.I don't feel like listening to anything else.

I wanted to drink something so I had cold milk which was nice. Then I had lays magic masala. I wanted a dip. I used mayonise as a dip but once I started eating it felt too creamy and I felt like each bite was making me bloat up so I gave up. And I'm still stuck with this song, must be the 10th time I'm listening to it.

Sunday, 3 May 2009


The strange feeling, refreshing and cold as the icy wind.
The cold bites into me like a rope tightening
The trees murmer in rebellion
I am here, alone
Lost, entranced by the turbulent earth,
an earth lost in memories of its youth
eons before the age of mortals
My mind is frozen
Red clouds creep into the ink blue sky
Dancing forks of lightning, surreally arousing
I stand here alone, breathing in
Every breath a new life, a new feeling
I am empty, but alive
entangled in this frozen jumble of chaotic thoughts
A wilderness I needn't make sense of
Unreal but wonderful
Freezing silence, beautiful as a snowflake
I reach out to hold you
breathe with me
Cause this world is where we belong.