Sunday, 3 May 2009


The strange feeling, refreshing and cold as the icy wind.
The cold bites into me like a rope tightening
The trees murmer in rebellion
I am here, alone
Lost, entranced by the turbulent earth,
an earth lost in memories of its youth
eons before the age of mortals
My mind is frozen
Red clouds creep into the ink blue sky
Dancing forks of lightning, surreally arousing
I stand here alone, breathing in
Every breath a new life, a new feeling
I am empty, but alive
entangled in this frozen jumble of chaotic thoughts
A wilderness I needn't make sense of
Unreal but wonderful
Freezing silence, beautiful as a snowflake
I reach out to hold you
breathe with me
Cause this world is where we belong.


Renegade said...

oi....grrrreat poem sis! cudnt control mahself....aamio inspired hoye amar blog-e ekta poem post up korlam ekhhuni :D

Renegade said...

btw, d word dey gave me to verify is : pialfati.......

LOLZ!!!!! pial fati!!!! wat d heck sounds lyk a reservd seat in IIT!!!

MaDdY said...

lovely poem!! :P

The Wize Witch said...

pial fati!! lol!
oh i got micrest ;)

The Wize Witch said...
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