Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Last night I tried to study organic. Trying to study is actually an event. :|
Today I went to college, endured classes continuously from 10.00 to 4.40. There was KB's abstract algebra I never managed to understand, AR's torturous organic test and the polarimeter which wasn't too bad but it took longer to finish and its really irritating when everyone leaves the lab and your group is the only one working. Especially when its 4.40 and you have lots to do, like go to a party.
Dressed up. Went to the party. Finally got the hang of the hookah. I liked it but its not really anything great. I don't get why its such a big deal. But I learnt to do it anyway. Achievement!
Danced quite a lot. Laughed a lot. Had a great time.
I watched Avatar on sunday and I really liked it.
I'm not hungry and thats weird.
I guess I'm sleepy now. Goodnight!

Friday, 19 February 2010

What the hell.

What the hell am I suppozed to do.
Okay I don't know why I said that, I just wanted to say 'what the hell'.
Yes that is weird. I think this is what happens when you sleep and wake up at totally odd random times. And drink coffee.
And I typed quite a lot today and my fingers are getting cold and tired. Finally sent my article.
Had zinger at KFC.
Our department will finally have a seminar.
I'm not hungry. I'm feeling all fuzzy and dizzy.
Anyway, I need to run to dinner.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I think I'm a bit more balanced these days. And I'm beginning to have good friends in college. And I'm being able to manage a lot of things at the same time. And I made nice omlettes on sunday and I quite like multitasking in the kitchen: frying eggs on one side, toasting bread and spreading cheese on them and microwaving them(it melts the cheese and you get a delicious pizza effect) and making coffee at the same time. Without burning anything. :D. Like I feel like a top chef when I do all that ;-). A chicken omlette is on the cards soon. See, actually I'm obsessed with omlettes because they're about the only things you can make without too much trouble but just enough trouble to feel like you're really making something. And besides I don't get much of an opportunity to really make anything else.

Anyway, I need to go eat and then I'll watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I've watched only one Indiana Jones movie: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I really liked it.

And Polarimeters are pretty cute, like you see two shades of light in the two halves of a semicircle and they keep changing colour as you rotate the tube so its nice actually.

I just heard the song 'phire chalo' by Fossils(its from their new album) and its quite nice. It has a death metal-ish feel in the middle.

Okay, as usual I'm bad with endings, so um bye! :P

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Tons to do. Lots of thermodynamics and heat engines and problems that turn out to be unsolvable but pretty cool anyway. Also, abstract algebra is really not as horrendous as it seems in class. I guess that's because I basically sleep and don't understand anything.

We have a science seminar coming up and I've never done a seminar before and I'd really like to do one on something I like. I picked biofuels(its not as boring as it was in E.V.E!! I hated E.V.E so I should know!) I really really badly wanted to do a presentation on this really cool stuff I found about curved spacetime. Its about how Newtonian physics gets screwed in curved space. And stuff like wormholes and all. It's probably the first time I'm getting all obsessively excited about something physics-related. I usually run away from that stuff. But its so insanely cool. Okay. Well. I still want to do it. But its like 12.00 am and I won't finish the abstract and plus I don't know a hell lot about general relativity and stuff so if they ask me about it I'll get screwed there and I don't have enough time to read up everything. I could actually.
Weird. Sometimes when I'm obsessed with something I hate letting go of it. I could console myself by saying I'll do it the next time but I'm a really moody person and I may not feel like doing this the 'next time', whenever it is. :(

Sports was sort of fun and the chinese food and black forest sundae after that was awesome.

And I like college and I like the people in my class and I'm having a pretty good social life!

Okay I've chattered enough.
And happy belated rose day. :P

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

"Destination Unknown"

A song I heard recently made me realize what life is all about. Its about exploring and not being afraid to go ahead. Its about taking chances and making the best of opportunities, about doing everything you want to because you only live once.
"Destination Unknown".
You never know where you're headed and that's all part of the adventure.
I love the song.
After listening to it something seems to have clicked in my head and its made all the scattered pieces of my life fall into place. There are beautiful memories and painful ones and some which are beautiful and painful.
It reminds me of the past and what I've been through and where I am now, but it doesn't make me sad. Rather it reassures me that life's like this. Its the journey that matters. Every bit of it is something new. something that makes a very big difference. This is the way you live.You fall and you crawl and you break but you stand up on your feet again. You don't have regrets.
Life is the wind whipping your face, making you feel alive as you race across the highway. Coming at you at full force. The faster you go, the stronger the wind feels. If you stop it doesn't feel windy.

Here are the lyrics.

Destination Unknown.

I see life and it's passin' right before my eyes
And the past is the past don't regret it, time to realize
I need to walk on the wire just to catch my breath,
I don't know how or where but I'm goin' it's all that I have left

It don't matter where it takes me
Long as I can keep this feeling runnin' through, my soul

Never took this road before -- destination unknown
Oh oh oh ohohoh -- destination unknown
Won't be coming back this way gotta go it alone
Oh oh oh ohohoh -- destination unknown

See a chance gotta take it wanna meet my fate
'Cause the last thing I ever wanted was to find out it's too late
No way out when you're in it deeper than the night
There's a light at the end of the tunnel and I see it burning bright

It don't matter where it takes me
Long as I can keep this feeling soarin' through, my soul

Never took this road before -- destination unknown
Oh oh oh ohohoh -- destination unknown
Won't be comin' back this way gotta go it alone
Oh oh oh ohohoh -- destination unknown