Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I think I'm a bit more balanced these days. And I'm beginning to have good friends in college. And I'm being able to manage a lot of things at the same time. And I made nice omlettes on sunday and I quite like multitasking in the kitchen: frying eggs on one side, toasting bread and spreading cheese on them and microwaving them(it melts the cheese and you get a delicious pizza effect) and making coffee at the same time. Without burning anything. :D. Like I feel like a top chef when I do all that ;-). A chicken omlette is on the cards soon. See, actually I'm obsessed with omlettes because they're about the only things you can make without too much trouble but just enough trouble to feel like you're really making something. And besides I don't get much of an opportunity to really make anything else.

Anyway, I need to go eat and then I'll watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I've watched only one Indiana Jones movie: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I really liked it.

And Polarimeters are pretty cute, like you see two shades of light in the two halves of a semicircle and they keep changing colour as you rotate the tube so its nice actually.

I just heard the song 'phire chalo' by Fossils(its from their new album) and its quite nice. It has a death metal-ish feel in the middle.

Okay, as usual I'm bad with endings, so um bye! :P

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‡♥Tiff♥‡ said...

I make an omelet for my boyfriend almost every morning before he goes to work.. you're right. They don't require much work but you still feel talented when you don't burn it. haha