Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Tons to do. Lots of thermodynamics and heat engines and problems that turn out to be unsolvable but pretty cool anyway. Also, abstract algebra is really not as horrendous as it seems in class. I guess that's because I basically sleep and don't understand anything.

We have a science seminar coming up and I've never done a seminar before and I'd really like to do one on something I like. I picked biofuels(its not as boring as it was in E.V.E!! I hated E.V.E so I should know!) I really really badly wanted to do a presentation on this really cool stuff I found about curved spacetime. Its about how Newtonian physics gets screwed in curved space. And stuff like wormholes and all. It's probably the first time I'm getting all obsessively excited about something physics-related. I usually run away from that stuff. But its so insanely cool. Okay. Well. I still want to do it. But its like 12.00 am and I won't finish the abstract and plus I don't know a hell lot about general relativity and stuff so if they ask me about it I'll get screwed there and I don't have enough time to read up everything. I could actually.
Weird. Sometimes when I'm obsessed with something I hate letting go of it. I could console myself by saying I'll do it the next time but I'm a really moody person and I may not feel like doing this the 'next time', whenever it is. :(

Sports was sort of fun and the chinese food and black forest sundae after that was awesome.

And I like college and I like the people in my class and I'm having a pretty good social life!

Okay I've chattered enough.
And happy belated rose day. :P

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