Tuesday, 30 October 2007


A UFO sighting. Here. In India. In Kolkata.

It was a usual boring old evening. Actually more boring than usual. VERY VERY boring evening. Like the type of evenings you don't feel like doing anything at all, but wish you could do something. Well anyway, I suddenly got a phone call from the master of bhatt-bokofying, Neo. And he said something about a UFO sighting and I thought he had started with his usual crap. But I turned on the TV and there it was - A live video of the UFO sighting on Star Ananda. Turned out he was right.

It was a bright green glowing fireball in the eastern sky which kept changing colour and shape - it turned blue and red and then green again. AND it was disc-shaped, but turned into a triangle and then into a straight line.
They had this scientist guy on the show who discussed theories about what it could really be. He talked about a theory that accounted for its shape changing.

Imagine a slightly flattened cone. If you look at it from the botton[The cross section I mean], it looks like a disc.
If you look at it upright it looks like a triangle.
If you tilt it to the flattened part, it'll look like a line.

Well, anyway, I decided to investigate myself. So armed with the mini-telescope my dad bought me when I was five years old, I went into the field[pity our terrace isn't open].

And I didn't need to look. There it was, glowing VIVID green with rapid flashes of blue and yellow red. It was bigger than any of the stars and was glowing EXTREMELY bright. This had to be what they were talking about. And sure enough, it was hovering in the eastern sky. Thrilled by my findings, I ran home and reported my findings to my friends. Neo ran off to the terrace(with binoculars and laptop and guitar and pillows in tow) to investigate too. And the rest of them just didn't believe me. Naturally.

I went down again....It seemed to have moved pretty far up in the last 10 minutes. Then I began to witness some of the wierdest phenomena I've ever seen.
The object began to move FAST, in an irregular manner. Kinda like a pendulum. More zig-zag actually. I've never seen anything in the sky move like that.
And Neo said the same thing so I couldn't have been imagining it. I mean you'd have to be pretty thick to imagine stuff like that.

The next half an hour or so went in frenzied phone calls reporting our latest observations. Neo claimed he could clearly see it with his binoculars changing shape - the saucer, the triangle and then the vertical line. High time I got my telescope.

I wasn't allowed to go out, but fortunately I got a pretty good view from a bedroom window. I climbed out onto the windowsill practically hanging on for life [:P] - One look down and I would've fallen three floors down! I managed to focus the telescope.
And there it was, a perfect saucer. I guess people won't believe me but if that wasn't a flying saucer, Einstein was a dumbass.

I clearly saw a saucer - it was glowing yellow in the middle, surrounded by blue and green...
Neo called to say he'd seen it too. A flying saucer...a real flying sacuer. And it was moving fast. Again in that wierd zig-zag way. It was around 1:00 am. The object moved so much that I couldn't see it from that window anymore, but I could now see it from the living room window. It seemed to be retreating. It moved higher and higher, but it was still as bright as it was before.

Now my neck was aching from looking up so long in wierd positions and the mosquitos were feasting on me so I decided to go to bed and wake up at 4 and have a look.
So after the last phone report I went to bed, while Neo stayed on his terrace playing the guitar. :P

Some adventure.

UNFORTUNALTEY I couldn't wake up at four, but this is what Neo saw:
A clearly defined saucer, much closer than it was before. It was changing colour rapidly, and was moving vertically upward. Northwest, actually. And then it melted into the light....

Some of our inferences:

1. It was DEFINITELY not a star. I've observed stars before and they DO NOT change colour and shape, are not saucer shaped and don't move that rapidly in wierd paths.

2. It was probably not an asteroid because it was way too close. When I saw it for the first time, the sky was pretty cloudy and other stuff in the sky could barely be seen, but the UFO was glowing bright as hell. We know that clouds lie in the troposphere. Planes fly in the stratosphere, above the troposphere to avoid clouds. But even with a cloudy sky, this could be seen. Which means the object was below cloud level...meaning that it was close as hell....

3. It was definitely not a comet or a meteor coz they move across the sky and not just sit around for hours and hours.

Our guess is that it's still in the sky, but we can't see it because of the sun. Going up was pretty intelligent on its part coz if it was hanging low in the horizon the same way it was at night then even in the sunlight it would have been clearly visible, like a bird, so it would be easier to spot and study as it would be the only thing visible in the sky. So we guess if it really was a maneuvered machine, human or alien, it purposely rose higher to avoid detection.

Probably it was rising only vertically and not horizontally and the apparent westward movement could have been because of the earth's rotation from west to east. And this seems to be a pretty plausible explanation because we saw that in spite of its erratic movement, the UFO seemed to be moving westward regularly, which was probably because of the earth's rotation.

So what was it really....?

Here are some theories.
We call it the Piggy-Mousy theory... :P

First of all, this saucer would have needed enough fuel to stay airborne for hours and hours and hours, AND emit light, changing colour rapidly. We clearly saw it changing shape, and if we assume that the shape-shifting theory as suggested by the scientist on Star Ananda is true, it will also need to flip and turn RAPIDLY in mid air.
Also, even from where we were watching it, it seemed to be moving pretty fast.
In the morning, it was moving upwards rapidly, as if it was being cleverly maneuvered away upwards, as if to escape notice in the daylight.
The object was evidently moving against gravity, as if powered by a force to neutralize the effect of gravity.
I don't think it would be possible to build such a thing with all known human technology.

This was the first UFO sighting in India. It made headlines. So you'd expect the concerned authorities would investigate, right? Even the air traffic control detected it. Even for the sake of violating air traffic laws it should have been investigated, right? I mean you'd think they'd atleast keep a radar watch on the night sky!
So why are they pretending nothing happened?
The reasons could be:
1. They don't know. Which is evidently not true because BITM and Star Ananda know.
2. They don't care. And that doesn't make any sense at all - everyone is so excited about it. For the SETI it would be like a dream come true, coz they spend all their lives searching for evidence more trivial than this.
3. They know what it is but they don't want the public to know for fear of national panic.

Could this possibly be a repition of the Roswell Incident?

Maybe there really could be aliens out there...watching....
Will we ever find out?

Anyway, it was quite an adventure...from hanging from the windowsill with a telescope to phone calls till 3:00 am and discussing theories non-stop....After all, you don't get to see UFOz every day!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Fashion. Wierd thing it is. Some make sense, some don't.
You see people all over the place trying to be 'fashionable' by wearing clothes they call 'fashionable', but end up looking downright hideous! You need to know what suits you. And you need ORIGINALITY.

Here are some of the fashion phases we've been through (and still are going through)..

1. Skirts:
You have all kinds of them : short ones, long ones, flared ones, straight cuts, blah blah.
They actually look good provided you know what type to wear. I quite liked those gypsy skirts(I think that's what they were called) - the flared type, but they were rather too long and flouncy for me to handle so I didn't end up wearing much of them. So there I have around 6 or 7 long flared skirts lying in my wardrobe for a couple of centuries. :P
The denim skirts were good. The short pleated ones are a favourite.

2. Jeans:
OK, they're actually too boring to write about.

3. Cargoes:
Yeah! More my type! They're baggy and have plenty of pockets, and are extremely comfortable. They're punk. Though you can make them look feminine with a nice lacey pink or white top or something. Not a bad combination. I believe in unconventional clothes. :P

4. Dresses: They're supposedly really 'in' now. Designers claim that a dress will suit every body, but I don't really think so.....But it is true that you have a wide variety of them. There was this girl that day who wore a black dress with white polka dots, but her figure didn't go at all well with it and she ended up looking like some enormous blob of black matter. :P
So I mean, you may think something might look really pretty on you but as I said, you may end up looking disgusting.

I don't have much time left right now as I have to rush off to a jam session, but I'll finish off with a particular cutting I've rather taken to. It's the empire line. I hated them until an aunt gifted me one and I ended up looking quite nice. Best thing about empire lines are that they make you look thinner(umm...well, actually I'm not sure) and they give you curves in the right places and make you NOT look like a *straight line* and give you some proper dimensions. :P
And if you already have *proper dimensions* , all the better! Sexy things!

I would have written a lot more about unconventional fashion, but I have to rush off, so I'll leave that for another post.

Asta Lavista!!

Monday, 22 October 2007

Durga puja!!

So Durga Puja is over. Too bad I fell sick. I would've liked to go pandal hopping, but I enjoyed it all the same.
The puja in our complex was pretty good. On saptami our band played and they did play pretty well. But they did the same old typical songs - Yellow and Black Velvet and stuff, but it was still pretty good. They had a guest bassist who was excellent [totally sexy guitar he had - it was light purple!! :) ] and they ended with 'Another brick in the wall' and we all sang along.
And the keyboardist was excellent.

One of the things I like best about Durga Puja is the way not only bengalis, but people from all different communities come together to celebrate. Shows how cosmopolitan Calcutta is becoming.

And Bijoya Dashami. You get this empty feeling when you realize the Pujas are finally over - AND you have to get back to work.

So we danced like crazy to the beats of the dhak and the tempo kept increasing. And all of us girls got together in a cricle and danced around and suddenly all the boys came running like a herd of bulls and they got into our circle and started doing some sort of a wierd one-legged dance and after they'd gotten tired of hopping around on one leg they got into our circle and started dancing around with us. And the steps got wilder and wilder and wierder and wierder and in the end I guess we were doing some sort of a bhangra mixed with tap dancing mixed with kathakali and dandiya and Assamese tribal dance...WHEW! Some scene...but we rocked it anyway!! :D
I haven't danced like that in ages!!

And Shubho Bijoya to everyone and hope all of you, like me are subjected to the torture of being force fed rosogollaz (and other torturous sweets) wherever you go.

Friday, 12 October 2007


So my exams are FINALLY over. Three weeks of total torture completely over.
Surprisingly, I seem to have so much to do during exams(other than studying) and after exams I have nothing to do. Yeah, I mean I'm bored enough to blog. And when I'm blogging out of boredom its usually crap I write.
Before exams I have so many plans about what to do after exams. But after exams I forget all that and I just waste time doing crappy things and then when exams approach again I sit wonder why I hadn't done all that the last time my exams had ended.(OK I know this sounds like shit)

OK, so that was all the boring stuff.
I mean maybe not all of it. :P

I love Durga Puja in Kolkata. Though it was a lot of fun in Bangalore too. We had a community Puja and I had a whole group of friends there and it was fun. We used to have all these programs. I remember we used to do a lot of dance dramas. My music teacher used to organize one every year. We'd practice right from 9 in the morning to like 9 at night. We got good food though. :P
And then on the day of the program the whole troupe would have a party. Almost. Though I feel I've kinda grown out of all that. I haven't danced for ages... It would be nice to be in a dance drama again.

Oh, and then the Puja. At any rate, it felt more like a puja there. Here everything is always so crowded and chaotic. I think here the stress is more on how ornate your pandals are and all that. Not that I'm complaining of course. At first I was really surprised at all these pandal competitions and stuff. But yeah, I enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience for me going 'pandal hopping' all over the city in the middle of the night. And then stopping at 1:00 am to eat biriyani!

So let me see what heppens this year. I did have a lot of plans before the exams as to what exactly I was going to do during the holidays, but I've forgotten all that.
Oh, first of all I need to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Can't believe I haven't read it yet.

OK, I'm still pretty bored and I have some time befor my music teacher truns up and blogging is more productive than srufing the net for gothic pictures so I'll write some more.

My bio practical exams were cool. The food tests were so beautiful I didn't want to clean the test tubes. There was one test with this really pretty shade of pinkish lavender. Don't know how to describe the colour. But it was beautiful anyway. And then there was this wierd shade of sky blue and this other really beautiful aquamarine blue. And my saponification test was beautiful too. I wish I could've taken a picture of those test tubes. :D

Enough crappy ranting...