Sunday, 23 March 2008


So we went to a place called Falta for a day. It waz full moon. We stayed up the entire night chatting and watched light take over the night. I've never watched sunrise before. The sky slowly began to lighten on one side and on the other side there was what seemed like electric blue and red streakz on the black sky. That was wierd. It looked as if someone had grabbed blue and red oil paint and splattered it on the sky.
And then we wanted to go down but the gate waz locked and we couldn't wake anybody up so we ended up jumping off the first floor balcony to escape.
Then we had to cross a really high, extremely unstable bridge made of 3 or 4 bamboo stick tied together with deep marshy soil feet below. One look down and...... whew! One of the most nerve racking thingz I've ever done.
Anyway, I'm off to bombay for a week and I'm pretty tired and I don't feel like writing any more.

Here are some pictures.

The terrace of our hotel overlooked a brick kiln. Oh yeah, best part part was that the room me and my cousins occupied(it would be wrong to say 'slept in' coz we didn't sleep) had around 13 windows. There were more windows than walls. There were people working at the kiln all night.

The group.

You can see the boats and the irregular edges of the river bank.


Friday, 14 March 2008

Coming back.

Memories. Old things.
Its the end of this academic year. Ends of academic years are much more significant than calendar years.

I remember last year this time we were giving our ICSE. I remember the first exam. It was english language and I was really happy with my essay. And then every day after the exam me, Anushka and Arunima would go to Gupta Brothers and eat samosas. And then we all got mega mega pissed with Mamata Bannerjee for calling a bandh and our computer exam got postponed to a week after ICSE was supposed to end. What a headache.
During ICSE I spent more time online every than I had all year.
And there was this ICSE 2007 community on Orkut which was about the only community that didn't have crappy games like 'gift a rose to the person above you' or 'would you date the person above you'. It was a PROPER community with proper discussions.
And then ICSE ended and we got our results and we were all very happy.

And then we jammed a few times and seriously discussed forming a band. Plan was we'd practice twice a month on sunday afternoons.
Then class 11 started. It seems like it was just the other day I walked out of Supriyo Ghosh's first phyiscs class my head spinning with vectors and decided that there was no way we could manage a band if we wanted to flourish in life :P . And then I struggled through the entire worksheet he gave us and was really sad when I got 7/20 in the test. Nowadays I don't bother. By far that has been the second best score I ever got on one of his tests. :P (Best was a test on thermodynamics).

Everything waz new - new people, new friendz, new concepts...

And once we planned to 'group study'(no, I mean really study - we actually took our bookz with us) and all we ended up doing was listening to various versions of 'Another Brick in the Wall' , telling each other ghost stories and most importantly, eating loadz of biriyani. Predictably, my mother didn't allow me to 'group study' after that!

Then there were the tests. In the beggining we were worried but now we've gotten used to getting scores like 3/20, 5/25, 19/90, 23/150, 6/75(believe me that was the 5th highest), etc.
Scary. many funny incidents. After SG's phyics classes we would go to CCD and every time we went we sat at the same place and the table next to us was always occupied by people of varying degrees of wierdness. Once there was this drunk man who had long hair covering his face. We called him 'it'. :D And once there was a wierd couple who were having an intesnely serious talk and the stuff we overheard is actually too wierd to post here. :P
And of course, we never had any money and once we jut bought 2 cookies which 5 of us shared.

After one of GD's hopeless tests we decided to go to CCD(Srijoni was supposed to treat us) but then there was a huge drama which resulted in the 8 of us running all over Lake Road trying to catch Srijoni who was trying to run(I don't really remember the exact circumstances) and it was all really funny. And Srijoni would randomly get mad at the guys and try to borrow my shoes(I thought she was going to attack them with the shoes but turned out she wanted to wear them so that she could run fast enough. She would use her own heeled sandals to attack since she couldn't run in them).

And then there's the good old pepsi shop outside GDz.. :)

So many things. So much learnt. So many feelings, some lost, some not quite.
So much forgotten.
Friends made, friends lost, friends come back again.

Everything follows a cycle. And in the end, everything that's meant to be becomes OK. Everything becomes alright even if you think it never will.
Everything comes back.