Sunday, 23 March 2008


So we went to a place called Falta for a day. It waz full moon. We stayed up the entire night chatting and watched light take over the night. I've never watched sunrise before. The sky slowly began to lighten on one side and on the other side there was what seemed like electric blue and red streakz on the black sky. That was wierd. It looked as if someone had grabbed blue and red oil paint and splattered it on the sky.
And then we wanted to go down but the gate waz locked and we couldn't wake anybody up so we ended up jumping off the first floor balcony to escape.
Then we had to cross a really high, extremely unstable bridge made of 3 or 4 bamboo stick tied together with deep marshy soil feet below. One look down and...... whew! One of the most nerve racking thingz I've ever done.
Anyway, I'm off to bombay for a week and I'm pretty tired and I don't feel like writing any more.

Here are some pictures.

The terrace of our hotel overlooked a brick kiln. Oh yeah, best part part was that the room me and my cousins occupied(it would be wrong to say 'slept in' coz we didn't sleep) had around 13 windows. There were more windows than walls. There were people working at the kiln all night.

The group.

You can see the boats and the irregular edges of the river bank.


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