Sunday, 6 April 2008

"Last Goodbye"

The last time ever I'll see your face
The last time ever I'll return your poison smile
So I said my last goodbye like you were my best friend
I waved goodbye as if you had made my world beautiful
I said I'd miss you like I'd cared to know what you were
Yeah, it's time now to remove the masks
I've said my last goobye.


Tiger Lily said...


Ricardo Bolstein said...

Thought provoking title to a very heartfelt blog, makes us realize how variably meant are the words like goodbye or sorry.
A little question, though..The one who is being bade goodbye, has that person's absence created such a void so as to as spark up such differential feelings???So much vacuum(take heed of the use of much before vacuum) is it possible without doing irreparable damage to the container of those feelings??