Friday, 25 April 2008

Hey Friend

Hey friend
I miss you now
I hope I'm still you friend
You've been there all along
Even when I didn't realize you were
You were there all the time, when I needed you and when I didn't
Thank you friend for being the light when I was trapped in the dark
Thank you friend for smiling with me
Thank you friend for believing me even when you shoudn't have
Hey friend, I'm sorry now
Forgive me again, even if you've forgiven me before
Hey friend
I don't care what they say
You'll be my friend anyway
Hey friend
I wish you were here
Like you once used to be
Hey friend
Where are you now?
I'm missing you.

1 comment:

Ricardo Bolstein said...

Golden advice regarding friends, lovers or any relationship at all,
IF u honestly care about some one let that person go, if he or she comes back he was always yours if he doesn't,..then well move on.
Coming from a person who tasted friendship for the first time when he reached the age of eighteen, this might seem like a blasphemy but, trust me thats the way life is...
The one who i thought was my best friend, the one whose very tears i never allowed to trickle down his cheeks, left me without a reason just before my boards. To lose someone without a reason, to be robbed of your hope for some mysterious cause, something that to this day stealthily creeps into ur sleep and increases your REM, thats the worst part of it.
I never came to know why he stopped replying to my smses, why he got so busy with life, why suddenly his lover souped up all his time.