Friday, 11 April 2008


So here I am again, jabbering randomly.
It's class 12 and we have a really really horrible chemistry teacher who shoutz like mad and can't teach. But we had really pretty deep purple solutionz to titrate. :)

There is a man who sells flowers in front of school every morning. Sometimes I wish I could give someone flowers. Yellow or white roses. I've never given anyone flowers. And no one has ever given me flowers either. The flowers remind me that there's so much joy and love in the world.

Last year there was a crow that used to come to the windowsill and caw loudly during every math class. I think it liked math, unlike us because every time we shooed it away it would come back after a few minutes. But it never turned up for any other classes.

This year the classroom window has an extremely unenchating view of the next building and the roof of the next building and a pigeon who sits there all day like a statue and blinks occassionally.
And there's a sparrow who seems to like science a lot - she sits at the top of the window and chirps the entire day - ENTIRE DAY!! But the intelligent little creature flies away when thingz get a monotonous but she promptly reappearz at the beginning of the next period.
Ishani got so tired of Chirpy in the morning and she told Ananya that the chirping really got on her nerves. And Chirpy got pretty offended and didn't turn up till after lunch break(after we'd all apologized to her).

I guess the dayz of drawing animal farmz in math class iz over. :(
I liked last year.


zombey_-/\-_ said...

hey...very nice :D

Tiger Lily said...

the last classroom on the east wing which was my class 12-d classroom had all these birds n bugs screaming n shouting n running up n down.
yea, there was this crow which came only during eco. and it usally went bouncy bouncy from one window to another.

as for ur post-*nice*