Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Creation, Destruction, Recreation.

This will in the end turn out to be a more or less random post even though I set out with the idea of writing about specific things.
To begin with, the fisrt fests of this year have ended and I have to say I'm more than relieved. Honestly, the 3 weeks of all-day practice, waking up at 5:00am, starving(our drummer doesn't eat) are really getting to me. I'm not really in a mood to write about Creation in detail but the least I can say about it is that it was a little disappointing. OK maybe that was an understatment. We were all excited about performing on saturday but a storm came and blew up the stage and after that we all comepletely lost all our enthusiasm and going on stage today felt so normal and unexciting.
And I don't think it would be a good idea to give a detailed account of why Creation wasn't what we expected. Creation and destruction.

I'm tired and I'm fed up of everything at the moment.
I listen to Nymphetamine every night and somehow I feel like its what keeps me going these days. Somehow. Yeah. I wonder if that happenz to anyone else. Once particular song you just can't do without. One particular song that touches you deep down somehow, even if you don't know how and why. Makes you feel..weel, not optimistic or energetic exactly but..well it's difficult to explain - like there's nothing else. I think maybe Nymphetamine has that effect coz of itz heavy bass and the high-key keyboardz..

I must make up for all the eating and sleeping I've missed in the past few days. So I will go to sleep. And I will refuse to eat anything but biriyani 3 times a day.