Sunday, 25 May 2008


Do you glance at your phone every few minutes waiting for an important phone call and just when you go to the bathroom your phone rings? And when you call back the other person is busy and cant talk? And then when he/she calls again you are once again busy..and you call back and...the cycle goes on!?
This happens to me all the time with most callers and at the end of the day all my friends really mad at me because I never pick up the phone. Wierd. Very Wierd.

Have you ever so bored you feel like throwing yourself and everything around you out of the window?(Seriously)

Have you ever been struck real hard by a line all of a sudden in a particularly boring bengali poetry class?

Have you ever gone out when there was a powercut and flashed a torch into the sky and stared at the sky wondering if there were other worlds out there? (And when someone asks you what you're doing you tell them you're trying to communicate with aliens).

Have you ever painted a scene you saw in a dream? Or dreamt about being in a scene you just painted? It's wierd.

Do you, like me suck at being rude? Being polite all the time sucks.

Do you feel like you're so radically different from other people that no one understands you?

Have you ever hated anyone suddenly for a reason that makes no sense?

Have you loved somebody/something for a reason you can't fathom?

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question because you already know the answer, but you're afraid of hearing it?

Have you ever stared out of the window wishing you could fly?

I know this is a rather abrupt end and I would have gone on but right now I'm sorta itching to get back to my keyboards.
Oh, and I've stopped using 'z' instead of 's', atleast in my blog posts.

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zombey_-/\-_ said...

its one of the best posts i'v eva cum across!! criusly!!
u kno i sumtyms hav de same questuns in my mind except 4 de fact that i'v never indulged in2 alien hunting!! :P