Thursday, 22 November 2007

Maitree 2007!!

Maitree 2007 ended today and even though I'm really really sad it ended, I'm really really happy it was a great success despite all the riots and poilitical disturbances in the city. These two days have been probably the best days I have spent at MHS. It's something I'll never forget. It rocked, it really did. But now everythingz gonna go back to normal. :(

So the onstage events kicked off yesterday. First event was quiz and I think CGS won followed by LMG. Quiz wasn't too bad, but a lot of the questions were really obscure and stuff. So anyway.
Next event was eastern music. And I was in it.
We practised day and night for it. Seriously. WHEW! And it was a succes. Actually, I think we got the pointz coz we were doing something pretty unique. We did a medley of taranas based on three different raags - Behaag followed by Arhana followed by Kalavati. They went together perfectly well. And we had a group of 7 including Rajshree on the flute and me on the tabla and that was something very different - using a flute in classical music. It really was very good. We had little instrumental bridges between the raags which were played on the flute- basically they were for the transitions. Arhana really was good. I got to play some pretty cool stuff with it on the tabla. :) I mean we just went out there and gave it our best and had a great time. :)
But apparently the mics weren't too good and we sounded wierd coz of the sound system but WE CAME 2ND!!!! YIPPIEEEE!!! And all the judges were very happy with the flute and tabla ans stuff, so YIPPIEEEEEE again!! :)
Xaviers came 1st in eastern music and I think they really did deserve it coz they did pure classical with a tanpura and it was more or less flawless. As for the other participants, St.James and St.Lawrence, they got their guitars and drums and practically played metal out there for eastern music. James did Bheegi Bheegi and Lawrence did some bangla rock song originally by Lakkhichara. They played REALLY WELL, but I think it was pretty inappropriate playin rock when you were supposed to do Indian classical or atleast folk.
(Oh, but the bassist from St.Lawrence had a really sexy blue bass - dunno why everyone found it ugly.)

So there you go. Next event was (I think) ad-jingle. It was HILARIOUS. Basically each school was given a product to endorse and they had to make ads to endorse it. MHS's product was a broom and they used this girl's hair to sweep the floor. The best was St.Lawrence. They had to endorse a mosquito coil and there was this guy dressed in black who was the 'mosquito' and he kept buzzing and making wierd flapping movements. :P That was really funny. James had to endorse a safety pin and there was this guy with *ahem* extensive lateral dimensions who danced around on stage - it was pretty funny. And Xavierz had to endorse a shoe horn or something and they did a total Sholay spoof which was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. There was a guy dressed up as Basanti even! So basically the whole ad-jingle had us in splits.

Next came the dance. We came first in that and I forgot who came 2nd, but I think it must have been St.Lawrence. St.Lawrence was the first to perform and they danced brilliantly and got everyone in the audience on thier feet as well! I think that was the best. Our school did good fusion but I think Xaviers was the best. Their's was actually pretty random but they moved like, whoa! These people KNOW how to dance. I mean I really don't much fancy guys dancing but after watching Xaviers perform I've changed my mind completely(Though maybe that was because the lead dancer was extremely good-looking). ;) Oh, and best part was when they just jumped off stage and got up on the chairs on the first row and started doing the bhangra. (Looks like Jumping off stage is a trademark thing for Xaviers - they did that for western music as well).

So anyway, that was the end of day one. More about Maitree coming up in my next post. As of now I'm starving and I must go eat.

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