Friday, 23 November 2007


So here we go: day 3.

Because of all those riots and curfew and everything we didn't even know till morning whether we'd be continuing with the fest or not, but thankfully it was on and all the schools which were participating turned up as well, so Maitree was back in full swing.
Day 3 first event was UN Mock Parliment. It was pretty good. Xaviers were USA and they kept getting attacked by all the other countries and as is customary in UN Mock, there was pretty much a full-scale fight on stage which was actually entertaining. And the screen did some good work. St.James represented Israel and their delegates were named Sheikh Zeeshan and Sheikh Arsalan! (Its been ages since I last had biriyani - wuaaaaaaaaah!) :(

After that was the medley where the teams kept accusing each other of cheating and other than that there isn't much worth mentioning about that except that we came first and James came 2nd.

Mock video was pretty good. All were good except for BHS which sucked.

And then - Western music. The one event we'd all been waiting for.
It started with St.James and I think they played Last Kiss by Pearl Jam and Highway Star by Deep Purple. Xaviers were REALLY REALLY good - they did Creep by Radiohead, Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother and Fear fo the Dark by Iron Maiden and then there was a mind blowing guitar and keyboard solo. WHEW!
And then came our band. We played good ol Joker and the Thief ans School of Rock. We really rocked! Whew...I would've written a LOT more but I'm tired of writing now..

We all got chocolates in school today to celebrate the success of Maitree. And there's also a prom night at Venom(They call it batch bight but prom sounds way beter!) to mark teh end of Maitree. Too bad I couldn't go. :( I would have liked to. I guess I'll go next year. I'll hafta get hold of a guy by then :P.

Heh - I've written enough I think. Can't say how long before my next post. :P

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