Saturday, 10 November 2007

[Oh damn I can't think of a title!!]

I'm actually feeling marginally happier today. :)

After a long time I finally got an opportunity to cook breakfast! So I took out my old yellow apron with carrots which were supposed to be embroidered on it(but I hadn't embroidered them and had ended up gettin a D in SUPW as usual) and it tastes pretty good! I think I should cook more often. :)

And then I ACTUALLY studied physics. It's not that bad actually after you get over the initial phobia of getting those fat books out and opening them. Though of course, thermodynamics is MUCH easier than mechanics and stuff and is less scarier. You just need to know a bit of integration. Well, I dunno, SUCCESSFULLY doing problems involving calculus makes me feel all cool and grown up and stuff! :P

I managed to invent enough chords for "But It Rained" to satisfy me and I managed to play and sing My Immortal PERFECTLY yesterday!

As of now, I'm gonna go and read 'The Seven Dials Mystery' by Agatha Christie.

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