Friday, 17 April 2009

Flashes of colour

Green ponds
Trees line the way
Bursts of colour
A rainbow carpet of flowers
Hues interwoven, merging slowly
Purple lines, orange glow
The sky a magestic palette
Master strokes of the brush
Sky paint mixes into blueness
Stars peek in through the gaps in the trees
Saying hello
Ruins and lighted homes
Glittering skyscrapers
Cobbled streets leading somewhere
A maze, never failing to delight.
The walk
The silence that encloses us
Time runs..


rishav said...

its one of the memorable moments u wanna live again and again ,......

Neo said...

hu dis tym..bring em ta me..ill beat him in a fair race neday.i run faster :O)

The Wize Witch said...

bojha jacche you were high on (fake)hookah.