Saturday, 11 April 2009


Hell man I have IITJEE tomorrow and I've given up trying cuz therez no way any of that math getz into my head, its such a nightmare. So there I go on a 8 hour long picnic. I'm listening Gosmack and I'm highly pissed with my mother cuz she wont let me go to a sleepover party at Anushka's place on the 19th and her reasons are really disgusting and illogical, which is even more pissing off("Why sleepover? Why cant you get together during the day like normal decent people? We never went to sleepovers in our lives!", etc.). Like big deal. I haven't yet told her I have an outing on monday, my plan was that I'd just come home after the exam tomorrow and tell her I'm going to south city with some of my friends(I'll have to make proper backup plans first which might be a bit of trouble) but if things look really bad I'll tell her I'm going to math tution and just get the hell out of the house and call her later and tell her I'm going to south city for lunch. Sheesh. Well actually if she doesnt let me go to the sleepover I'll have a good reason to throw a tantrum and get out of the house on monday.
I really hope I manage to get through to a bombay college. I'll get a more focused course and I really want to go live in a new place. Need to actually. My dad said he'll get me custom made tabla :-D. And a new synth too maybe! :-D


Riju said...

bumbai..? eisabas.. :D

Renegade said...

a custom made tabla!! n a new synth!!!!! :o boy m i jealous of ya or wat!!!!!!!!
lol...u worte "Gosmack"....:D go smack wat??..