Thursday, 23 April 2009

Summer blues

April is killing me. I don't feel like doing anything at all the whole day. In the afternoon I feel like I'm melting. This heat seems to have retarded all processes, my head doesn't seem to be working AT ALL these days, which isn't a good thing cuz I still have two exams left. :-(
I just dont do anything at all really, just sleep a lot and talk a bit. I don't even eat a lot. I feel way too lazy to move, let alone go swimming.
Neo came over today and his pet lizard Tinku seemed to be really missing him and was really hungry too so Tinku called Oin and cried and told her he was bored and hungry :(. And finally Oin sang to Tinku and put him to sleep.
I know, heat does weird things to the head. It makes you have the weirdest conversations.
My brother is really being a pest as usual. He's a violation to the laws of physics(more specifically, the second law of thermodynamics) because its a mystery where he gets so much energy from when everything around is evaporating or melting. I'm just wondering what to do about him when my friends come over on sunday. Really. This is why I rarely host parties at my house but I had to this time. I just really really hope some kind of a mircale happens. High hopes.
Oh but then miracles do happen.
A friend taught me how to make cold coffee, haven't tried it yet. Hope it works. Hope my mixie works. I'll try on sunday. I also want to make lemon ice tea.
Well I'm just feeling dead as usual. Haha.
I'll write more sensible stuff when I have more energy.