Thursday, 2 April 2009


Darkness creeps slowly into the mellow evening
Sharp shadows of noon blur to merge into a solace that embraces us
What was once 'forever' now seems nothing
Through the fading light I try to see
But outlines, no faces
Smiles, tears, nothing at all
Decayed dreams being lived through,
Not remembered
Tangled thoughts that once lingered somewhere deep down
Washed away, lost
But tides come and go
You never know when they'll be washed ashore again
like always.
Voices flow free, not a speck of the broken sheild remains
Ruins of the wall lie in oblivion
Darkness envelops us, closing in
Our protector
It cannot mask the strange joy.
How do you know, what do you know?
The feeling of not feeling what should be felt
Space and time run in haphazard directions
Meeting sometimes, cosmic accidents
What should, what could, what does
All a mixture of confused destiny
And the cycle I guess will never end.


the second face said...

ur givin me an inferiority complex wid dese BEAUTIFUL poems nw... :D


One word... Wonderful! Seems like a painting...