Sunday, 29 March 2009

Candle light

Dusk falls, the sky bathed sanguine
Sitting in silence by candlelight
Soft whispers of days forgotten
A journey through memories eaten away
I see your face in candlelight
It dances there illuminating bits of you
Flashes, never whole
Once dark, once bright
Never still.
There in the dancing darkness
Stories of life, secrets
Wrappped tightly in that old song
The one that will always play.

Cosmic twins, we are one
The stars bind us,
incarnations in parallel universes.


buckingfastard said...

amazin dark yet so soulful....
one of da best i read so far

the second face said...

wow...i cant describe d feelin i just got wen i read dis...just wow...wish i cud ryt as wonderfully...