Friday, 16 April 2010

So I think life looks a bit more sensible now. I don't have to be a sympathetic liar or a cold blooded ruthless killer. I don't have to be a frustrated teenager screaming at everything. I can just be myself. Look at the world again for what it really is. Maybe I'll still be the selfish self-obsessed over-ambitious person I am but maybe thats the way I get on with life.
You can't always have everything you want. There are compromises. But you need to try to live with it. And while you're living why not make the best of it?
At the end of the day you've got to live for yourself, win the battle for survival and give a damn to the rest of the world.
Lets see what I become. What I grow into. As I walk along alone, the way I want to.


Musings of a Geek said...

Wish you happy journey :-). Though I would say being sympathetic does not necessarily imply being a liar.

The Wize Witch said...

no i actually meant lying in order to be sympathetic.