Monday, 25 August 2008

Lazy noons.

The wind blows gently and the little yellow flowers on thet tree are nodding happily. It's raining leaves around. Little yellow yellow leaves, little grren ones, and a few bigger green dance through the air and fall lightly to the ground. You can see the wind in litte whirls, as falling leaves waltz around in little circles. And then a few rise above the ground, almost in a miniature wind whirlpool.

The wind moves about in strange ways. There's one little tree in the middle of a long line of trees suddenly wiggling and rustling while the others around are still and silent.
There's a whole stretch of leaves lying on the ground but all of a sudden, three or four leaves somewhere in the middle rise and chase each other around in a circle for a few seconds and then they float back down.

Slowly, the grey clouds inch towards each other from different directions. The sky turns a dense grey-blue. The rain starts very suddenly. It recedes suddenly too, and then the sky glows an etehreal amber. A strong, strangely bright, heavenly glow. Everything becomes momentarily luminous. Bright green in various shades.

The rain still falling softly glitters. If you look up you can see a rainbow. The grey clouds are now parting and moving away sowly, giving way to an endless expanse of too-clear blue. The rain stops and the sun shines again. Solid streaks of sunlight fall on the wet ground and on the trees, making them glimmer.

"Cold november rain.." Though it isnt' november.
The strains of the aalap of Brindavani Sarang I learnt yesterday play in my head.

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zombey_-/\-_ said...

whoa!!! d most amazing post i'v eva cum across....u rock gal!! :P

p.s: gr8 engriji!! :D