Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pictures/arty things

Done on the cover packet of a brand new concave lens(which we broke) using Haimanti's awesome 8b pencil.

The heart.
We get 3 minutes to identify draw, label AND describe these.

Thanks a TON to Ishani for drawing this.(It's about the best diagram in my file).

Good old animal farm. Drawn by Ishani and me with contributions from Srijonee, Averee and Debosmita.

'Inversion'. By Ishani and me.

Hanle, 12000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas. Those are gamma ray detectors arranged in a hexagon with one in the centre.

Mars. :)


zombey_-/\-_ said...

i need yur camera for 1 day!! :P

anodr lost soul said...

AWSM...i criosly dun kno wat 2 say...dats silent admiration 4 ya... :)

Shruti said...

um... 3 minutes for spotting.. u doing medicine?

The Wize Witch said...

naah... class 12 ISC biology.