Friday, 12 September 2008


The moon. It looks spooky tonight, like really spooky. There's nothing at all in the sky but dense dark clouds and in the middle there's the half moon casting its ghostly glow in a small radius around it. There are pearly white clouds floating occassionally across the moon, gliding like birds. These clouds are of various shapes. Just a few minutes ago I saw three bird-shaped ones, and then a unicorn and now there's a long, smoky snake-like creature. But it has these thin, longish wings at a far end towards its sides. Oh, and there's a little pterodactyl sort of thing gliding in from the other side.
And now there cloudy shapes are diverging into thin smoky strands, circling the moon, as though dancing around it.
And the moon is growing brighter and sharper, metamorphosing from the diffused form was in earlier.
I wish I could take a picture.
It's all so beautiful and mysterious.

The perfect night to fly away into the dark, with nothing to guide you but moonlight. You can see the whole dark world below you, and the surreal glow of the moon above you. You can dance up there with the clouds.
The perfect night to cast a spell. A powerful spell that could raise the world to the exalted palace of Utopia.
Or maybe a love spell.


The Goth Monk said...

imagination at its exceptional beauty i must say...but sometimes its really hard to imagine something which is real..but completely agree to the fact that a powerful spell could raise the world to the exalted palace of utopia..but not a love spell i guess..that isn't strong enuf..

neway thnx for commenting on my blog..wat u said to some extent is true..i hav already started to accept things as they come to me..but am active to them am not at all passive..and ya one cant get everything..and i dnt regret that..thnx again

tk cr

neway may i know who r u???

zombey_-/\-_ said...


The Goth Monk said...

okkk...wich schul..u seem to know madhura and do u kno them?

anodr lost soul said...

achha does dis post link wid dat badly typd smiley wich u accidently enterd at gtalk...??? :P

nebulae said...

well...i dunno who u r...yet thnx for commenting..

well..d imagery is so beutiful.honestly.a readin thru it..u can very well b taken to that utopia.

its nothing but d simplest of the things (that may not have meanings to othrer) make u think...n take u to that world of imaginations.
one thing:never lose ur power of imagination.its a gift.