Saturday, 1 December 2007


I hate rum balls. They look like chocolate but are baaad. Yuck. Way too sweet. Hahaha.
I love chocolate but not too much of it. Hahaha.
I love to write random crap like I'm doing now. Hahaha.
I love Carnival Of Rust. Hahaha. And if you don't you're stupid. Hahaha.
I hate viral fever. Haha. They make you take huge and terrible tablets. One is light pink and its huge and it smells like rotten potato and it always gets stuck in my throat. :( Haha. Ha. Hahahaha.
I hate tabletz in general - they all get stuck in my throat. Hahaha. :(
Haha. I love to hahaha. Hahaha. No I like to Haha better. Haha.
I will never have fuchka from that man near south gate - he puts gondho lebu(instead of the normal one) in the tetul jol. And he never makes the stuff spicy enough. And the other fuchka waala near my house puts too much salt. :( And the Gangurams ones are too expensive. X-(
Haha. Haha.
I'm very lazy haha. I hate excercise unless its swimming and you can't swim in winter. :(
But haha anyway.
I don't know why I haha. But I don't know the reason for many things Haha. So haha again. Haha.
I like smilye jungle. Hahaha.
I am mad. hahaha.
And if you haven't realized that till now you're even madder. :)

1 comment:

Nuki said...

Haha indeed :)
I quite like your blog :D
Maybe It's because it reminds myself a bit :)